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Dr Adam Smith aka DinotoyblogDr Adam S. Smith (aka 'DinoToyBlog' here, and 'DinoToyForum' on the Dinosaur Toy Forum) is a curator and palaeontologist at the Nottingham Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall, UK. Adam launched the Dinosaur Toy Blog in July 2007 and followed it up with the Dinosaur Toy Forum in January 2008, and the Animal Toy Forum in December 2012. He is particularly interested in marine reptile figures, especially plesiosaurs. Adam also runs The Plesiosaur Directory website and has published several popular articles and technical papers on fossil marine reptiles. He is a children's book author with 'The Plesiosaur's Neck' (2021) and 'The Tyrannosaur's Feathers' (2023).

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Review: Plesiosaurus (Mini Dinosaurs I by Bullyland)

Plesiosaurus toy

3.4 (15 votes)

This small Plesiosaurus toy belongs to the first line of dinosaur figures produced by Bullyland beginning in 1980, a few years after the German toy company was founded in 1973. The line of seven miniature dinosaurs (and other prehistoric creatures) is informally known as Mini Dinosaurs I, to separate it from a later line of mini dinosaurs released by Bullyland in 1993 (Mini Dinosaurs II), and other separate Bullyland dinosaur lines.

Review: Stegosaurus (Animal World Dinosaurs by Bullyland)

2.5 (21 votes)

If we were handing out awards for ‘chonkiest Stegosaurus toys’ this one would surely be in the running. When I first embarked on this review I had assumed it would be a simple matter of specifying this as the Bullyland ‘mini’ Stegosaurus, but I quickly realised it isn’t that simple.

Review: Spinosaurus (Monster In My Pocket by Matchbox, Series 6)

2.4 (19 votes)

After four series the Monster in my Pocket line began to run out of actual monsters to make, and began to take inspiration from the real world instead. Series five was a line of ‘Super Creepies’, essentially an array of extant bugs and other creepy crawlies, and series six turned its attention to dinosaurs in 1993 – that’s the line we’re all interested in here.

Video: The Birthday Liopleurodon

3.2 (12 votes)

In which I unbox ‘the birthday Liopleurodon’, a gift from mum and dad, and recount its epic journey from bondage to freedom and onto my display shelves. The toy is the Jurassic Clash action figure by Lanard Ltd.

A version of this video was originally uploaded to Youtube on Sep 18, 2018. Title graphics by Patrx.

Amazon ad:

Review: Struthiomimus (Marx)

Struthiomimus dinosaur toy by Marx

4 (25 votes)

Review and Photos by BlueKrono and DinoToyBlog.

Struthiomimus, the ‘ostrich mimic’, was named in 1917 for a species (S. altus) originally referred in 1903 to the closely related genus Ornithomimus. Despite the history of ornithomimosaurs spanning back to the late 1800s, they are relatively rarely made as toys.

Review: Prehistoric Animals (Panini, review part 2)

Panini prehistoric animals and dinosaur toys

4.2 (9 votes)
In part 1 of this review we looked at 12 dinosaur toys (and one pterosaur) from Panini’s Prehistoric Animals line. In part 2 we pick up where we left off to complete the full set of 24 toys.

Figure numbers 13 to 15 are a trio of marine reptiles, and their dark blue colour works very well for aquatic animals.

Review: Prehistoric Animals (Panini, review part 1)

panini prehistoric animals playset

3.3 (7 votes)
Sticker albums are a staple of many a childhood and they were certainly a part of mine. However, unlike my school  contemporaries in the early 1990s, I didn’t deal with stickers of footballers or garbage pail kids, all my swapsies were dinosaur stickers of course! And the toys that came with them…

Panini’s Prehistoric Animals sticker album has been published in several editions over the decades going back to the 1970s.

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