Paleoart from the Fauna Casts Project!

Post and photos by Tomhetleere. Edited by Plesiosauria.

For all the readers that haven’t entered the forum, I am very proud to announce on this blog the official line of the Dinosaur Toy Forum: the Fauna Casts prehistoric creatures done by the exceptional artist Malcolm Mlodoch (AKA dinonikes). For decades, Malcolm has worked for lots of museums. He has provided beautiful renderings of creatures from practically all the ages: from primitive invertebrates to the more recent mammals (not to mention that he also has sculpted modern fauna). His museum pieces are stunning (which by the way are still available and very affordable). It was already a great honour for us to have him in our midst but that wasn’t the end of it. Our obscene needs for dinosaurs made him realize that he could deploy his artistic skills by producing a line of 1:40 figures. This is Malcolm’s own description of the creative process:


“This line of prehistoric animal figures, has been, and is currently being, developed in a collaboration between myself and the members of the Dinosaur Toy Forum in an ongoing process. The goal with this line of figures is to offer collectors a unique opportunity to participate in the creation of a line of figures. This line will feature unusual naturalistic poses, multiple poses of the same species, and unusual species not usually produced by the major toy companies-in addition to new ways of representing the iconic species more familiar to the collector. Forum members were originally asked which species of prehistoric animals they would like to see developed as figures. A general consensus was reached ragarding sizes, figures should be in 1:40 scale whenever possible. A process developed between myself and the members to create these figures. This collaborative process is simple. I sculpt the figure, using all of the latest references I can find, or am provided by forum members. I post photos of the ‘finished’ clay pattern sculpture for critiquing by members- who then give their feedback, sharing their knowledge and opinions regarding the sculpture’s accuracy, pose and other details. After the critiquing stage, some sculpting revisions, and after a general consensus of final approval has been reached, the figures are ready to mold, cast, and offer up to collectors. I am very pleased with the results thus far- and look forward to future collaboration with everyone that takes the initiative to participate in this interesting process”


The result is an exquisite array of figures that are not exactly toys; they are not resin kits either, the consensus is that they are something in-between. The sculptures are not as cheap as a museum toy, the price is a little higher, but I can assure you that it’s completely worth it. This isn’t a mass marketed product, it’s a hand-painted piece of art straight from the artist. Most of the times a base is included, which makes toppling over virtually impossible.

I was very eager to finally meet his creations face to face, and after getting acquainted with this line, I can safely say not only that the creative process is unique, but also that his work can match (and in some cases easily surpass) any other 1:40 figure out there (in case there are equivalents, his Muraenosaurus for instance is the only one made so far).

This is the list of prehistoric creatures that Malcolm has made so far:

-Tyrannosaurus rex

I have heard that the Tylosaurus will be available very soon.

So don’t be shy, please visit Dinonikes’ subforum to participate in this exciting project!

Shown in this post are some pics of the amazing sculptures, including the recently released Acrocanthosaurus:


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  1. The Acrocanthosaurus from this set is now my FAVE REPLICA EVER!!! Even the almighty (mystical singing) Battat Acro pales in comparison. Can’t wait for the Tylosaurus and whatever else may come from this great line. Still haven’t got one though 🙁

  2. Thanks for the review- any superlatives used to desribe these figures owes to the suggestions, input, reference materials provided, and criticisms offered up by forum members who choose to participate in this rewarding process of collaboration- and who are partners in their creation

  3. The Indricotherium is so superior to commercially available prehistoric mammal sculpts that’s its not even funny.

    My jaw dropped when I saw the photo, and what was left hit the floor when I finally held it in my hands.

    It prompted me to create a 1:40 scale collection of prehistoric mammal figures from various lines – just to fit in around this monster!!

    I can’t wait to get my Acrocanthosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

    And the as yet in the works multiple other critters!

    • Yup, I own the Indricotherium and it’s virtually as good as a resin kit, it became my favorite prehistoric mammal figure instantly.

      I am holding the Para and I can tell you that no other 1:40 figure can measure up to it.

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