Dimetrodon (Tyco)

Review and photographs by “Paleona”

Another gem from the Tyco Smithsonian line of toys is the Dimetrodon. Everyone’s favorite synapsid features a simple, but fun action feature and a charming disposition.


This squatty little creature measures about 7.7″ (19.5cm) long and 4.5″ (11.4cm) tall. In hand, it feels like it’s just the right size; not too big and not too small. This particular model was one of my favorites as a kid because it is so accessible and detailed. The coloring is mostly a darker forest green, with hints of lime and a light beige underside. It is completely covered in sculpted scales, with some larger bumps on its side and a few nicely placed skin wrinkles. The pose is very neutral, but always gave me the impression of the animal just sitting about in the sun, or keeping an eye on his surroundings.


His eyes are clear orange beads that almost seem as if they should light up. There are no electronics for this figure, but there is a simple action feature, as I stated at the beginning. Pressing a button located at the tail base makes the lower jaw move and gives a satisfying “snap” of the jaws if quickly pressed. Super simple, but it works perfectly and gives this small prehistoric creature some playability value. The legs can all swivel, as well, for limited posing.


As far as I can tell, the anatomy isn’t half bad, either. The front legs are splayed out to the sides, but the back legs do seem to have more dinosaur-like hips. The tail is nice and long and the sail looks quite nice. The skull profile looks a bit off, and there isn’t much of a snaggly maw, but there does seem to be a hint of it. Not perfect, but unmistakably still a Dimetrodon.


I wouldn’t say this little fellow is a must-have, but he’s highly nostalgic to me, and may be to others who owned one during their childhood.

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  1. Tyco time for toys was a great company. Albergo I also have good memories, like the famous prehistoric mammals megatherium, Entelodon and Smilodon (certainly for me it was a gem).

  2. The mien has some white shark – feeling to it.

  3. I got mine back when it was still part of the DinoRiders toy line.
    the Smithsonian line came about a few years later, after the DinoRiders series ended.

    • Yep! I didn’t mention it in this review, because I had written another Tyco review with a little backstory, but this one was posted first. 🙂 I actually never knew Dino Riders existed until after my childhood!

      • Sorry about that, should’ve posted the other one first.

        The Dino-Riders Dimetrodon was one of many toys I deeply desired, but never owned as a child. Although I remember being disappointed that it wasn’t a Rulon set.

  4. EarthboundEiniosaurus

    I once found one of these at a collectables shop, but it was in the $1 bin because some kid had painted all over it. Kind of a shame, these are really some quality toys.

  5. I’ve never owned this toy as a kid but I’ve always wanted one regardless. Great review here of a classic Dimetrodon!

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