Torvosaurus (Deluxe Prehistoric Collection by CollectA)

While Allosaurus has been a long time favorite among Jurassic theropods there has been a growing fan base for the large megalosaurid genus, Torvosaurus. The genus has now become popular enough that whenever wish list discussions about what toy makers should release next come up it’s always mentioned. This has been steadily occurring for several years now and as the years passed collectors kept wondering when they were going to get their Torvosaurus. Well the wishes have finally been granted and finally Torvosaurus has made its dinosaur toy debut, thanks to CollectA and their deluxe range of prehistoric animals.

collecta torvosaurus

This genus has a lot to offer. Two species are known to science thus far; T. gurneyi from Portugal and T. tanneri from the United States. This is a genus that lived alongside many popular Jurassic dinosaurs including Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Stegosaurus. It was also among the largest theropods of the period (and the largest known from Europe) reaching an estimated length of 33’. With a large and distinctive skull, short but powerfully clawed forelimbs, and a long sinuous body it’s somewhat perplexing why the genus is not more popular.

collecta torvosaurus

The CollectA deluxe model is in the 1:40 scale and measures about 9” in length and stands 4.5” at its tallest point. Unlike many previous theropod releases in the deluxe line this one comes with a base. This means that unlike the Acrocanthosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus this model is not plagued with wide hips, oddly shaped feet, and other anatomical adjustments used to make it balance properly. The use of a base also means the model won’t be tipping over. The model also has a hinged jaw which seems to be the rule now with the deluxe line.  Although this is a fun feature the seams on this particular model are very obvious and one of my only real complaints about the model in general.

collecta torvosaurus

The model is dynamically posed, striding forward and looking to the left with the long supple tail curving to the right. The base it’s on is a sandy brown color with the tracks of another, quadrupedal dinosaur sculpted on it. The model accurately depicts the lengthy, low, lithe body of this theropod. The legs are well muscled and bird-like, the arms are robust, and the hands are neutral facing with three digits each, the thumb claw being accurately larger than the rest. The tag this model comes with says that this Torvosaurus is specifically T. gurneyi, the European species. The skull is appropriately long, low, and narrow.

collecta torvosaurus

The model is sculpted with a row of iguana-like spines running down the back, being tallest at the base of the tail. Pebbly scales adorn the olive green skin. The green skin fades out to a pale green on the underside.  Brown stripes and splotches run down the length of the body. On the skull the fenestra are highlighted with red coloration. In all honesty I find this color scheme underwhelming. It isn’t bad for a theropod that probably stalked wetlands and forests but green is a classically overused color on dinosaur toys. The base color doesn’t bother me as much as the random brown splotches. Last year’s Acrocanthosaurus was painted in various shades of green but it was done in a unique and realistic way, this model appears more toy-like overall.

collecta torvosaurus

Torvosaurus continues to grow in popularity and for those of us that appreciate this interesting dinosaur it’s nice to finally have a model of it to display on our shelves. Although obvious seams and the unconvincing paint job betray that this is indeed a toy it is still detailed enough, and accurate enough, to be worth seeking out. The CollectA deluxe Torvosaurus is new for 2016 and should be easy enough to find wherever CollectA models are sold.

collecta torvosaurus

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  1. Cloud the Dinosaur King

    Is the length of 9 inches with the Torvosaurus stretched out?

  2. CarnegieCollector

    It vaguely reminds me of Godzilla…
    I just can’t put my finger on it though…

  3. Very nice review! Definitely should check out this figure of one of my favorite dinosaurs, but I think you mixed up one detail about Torvosaurus. Last time I checked T. gurneyi was bigger than T. tanneri.

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