Triceratops (AAA)

While most of the toys produced by AAA could be regarded as mid-way between quality museum models and cheaply produced “Chinasaurs” there are quite a few that tread into that cheap Chinasaur territory. AAA toys span several years and I don’t know when production first began but some of the toys certainly seem a good deal older than some of their later products.


One of their older, cheaper quality toys would have to be this Triceratops. It is really only a caricature of the actual Triceratops and certainly a toy, in the truest sense of the word. There is no point looking at the anatomical accuracy of this thing because the laundry list would be too long, and who really cares anyway? This toy is from before a time of museum quality scale models. When toys were for children.

aaa triceratops

That said, this is an interesting looking little figure, and will certainly be appealing to the retro, vintage toy crowd. There are some things to be admired here, principally the bumpy skin texture and the folds of skin present along the flanks. I quite like the exaggerated, rounded frill and the overall head sculpt on this toy. The toy is painted entirely in shades of brown and measures 4” in length.

aaa triceratops

For Triceratops collectors or fans of retro and oddball toys I think this is an interesting enough toy to be worth seeking out and certainly better than the previously reviewed AAA Ankylosaurus. As of this writing there is one going on eBay for $10 but you might also chance across it in a lot of toys like I did.

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