Deinonychus (Paleo-Creatures by Jesus Toledo)

Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy

Back in 2014, I was looking for a second person to help me out in creating figurines of my own, and I eventually found out about Dinotoyforum member Jesus Toledo AKA Jetoar’s creations. So I thought I would commission him to do a one of a kind line of models for me in a 1:32 scale. But things did not work out as I originally planned since he had some restrictions at the time on what models he could make. However, I did do him a favour by helping him start up his own line of figures, simply dubbed Paleo-Creatures, which I hope is getting him the profits he deserves. He is even selling his figurines at a museum in Madrid, and is selling a supply of them at Everything Dinosaur. Recently, he changed his plans for the line and decided to strictly work in a 1:35 scale, which is common for dinosaurs in this day and age.


The model I purchased from Jetoar is the 1:35 scale replica of the once-world famous dromaeosaur, Deinonychus antirrhopus, which will forever be confused with the ever-popular Velociraptor thanks to a certain franchise that brainwashes kids (and adults) to this day.


Anyways, this figure is not your typical scaly monstrosity that a company like Rebor or Schleich would make. No, instead this is a fully feathered representation of the species, based on the current fossil evidence and with phylogenetic bracketing taken into account. As far as models based on this species go, I must say I am very impressed. Deinonychus is one dinosaur that is sorely ignored in this day and age due to being overshadowed by (or outright mistaken as) Velociraptor and in some cases, Utahraptor. At 1:35 scale, this model is perfectly sized, as it’s not so big to make it look like a giant, and it’s not too small to make it look diminutive. In terms of accuracy, this model is brilliant. The primary feathers are in their correct position, and the face looks more like a bird and less like a Hollywood lizard monster. To further cement this as a near-perfect figure, the teeth are concealed within its fleshy lips instead of hanging out, which make this one of the most up-to-date reconstructions of Deinonychus on the current market. The proportions are correct as well, with the feet being small and the head not so big. It is also made in a calm walking pose instead of an action stance, and is attached to a base (a practice which I absolutely love, but others hate for some reason) so it will never topple over, or require a tripod stance.


The colours I chose for my figure were based on a species of starling that I randomly found on Google, and and a composite picture I whipped up on Microsoft Paint. Now in the photos that Jetoar showed me, I was not 100% sure I really wanted it, but now that it’s in my hands, I must say that it is a truly unique figurine.


Overall, this is a cheap and unique model of the famous “terrible claw” that the general public has forgotten about in recent years. It costs only $20-$25 depending on if you buy it through Jetoar or Dan’s Dinosaurs. If you want one, you can send a prviate message to Jesus Toledo on Facebook, or on the Dinotoyforum where he goes by Jetoar, or order it from Dan’s Dinosaurs. IF you like the colours you see in the photos, you can request for it to paintws it like that, or you can come up with your own scheme. Or you can even let him surprise you!

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  1. I have some experience with models at 1/32 – 1/35 (and smaller) so I’m interested to stumble across Jetoar’s work here. Can I ask if he has some info about his other pieces and process, somewhere online? A blog, or a thread on the DTF?

  2. Deinonychus magnificent figure.

    Moreover Jesus Toledo is above all a great paleoartist and a better person. My congratulations.

  3. This Paleo-Creatures line is one of the most amateurish I have ever seen on the market. These “figures” just look like rough clay sculptures a 10-year-old could do on his own, maybe even better. Can’t see how any sane individual would ever waste a cent on them. To each their own, I suppose.

    • I think he is talented. He puts a lot more care into his models then some toy company s.

    • Well, maybe because they ARE rough clay sculptures.. Jetoar is a one man team with a limited budget who makes affordable figures, you’d be insane to think they’d be on par with a company like Papo or Rebor in terms of detail. Not to mention, its a Deinonychus in 1/35th scale, do you even comprehend how hard it is to pack in detail at a scale that small? “Can’t see how any sane individual would ever waste a cent on them”, anyone who wants an accurate Deinonychus would be more than willing to, I don’t think you understand just how hard it is to come by an accurate figure.
      Wonderful work Jetoar, it’s a quality figure. 🙂

      • 1:35 would put this at about the same size as the old Carnegie Deinonychus trio correct? Either way, it’s an impressive feat. Some of his larger models like the Dilophosaurus, Concavenator, and Kosmoceratops look fantastic. His prehistoric mammals are particularly good as well. Most of which I’ve never seen reproduced before.

        • Roughly about that sized, maybe longer. I dont have the trio, but it is close to being there size, Just bigger then an individual in that trio.

    • I think this is very impressive given the scale. I also think Darlene could get her point across just fine without being so rude to the artist or the people buying the product.

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