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Review: Acheroraptor (Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series by Creative Beast Studio)

4.7 (59 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

With only two weeks left for the Beasts of the Mesozoic ceratopsian series campaign (as of this writing), it’s about time I got to writing perhaps the last of my reviews of these figures. either until I acquire more of the raptors or until I can get my hands on the ceratopsians.

Review: Adasaurus (Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series by Creative Beast Studio)

4.9 (51 votes)

Review and photos by EmperorDinobot, edited by Suspsy

Hello, my fellow dinosaur collectors! Today we shall be looking at the Beasts of the Mesozoic Adasaurus mongoliensis, aka the evil spirit lizard from Mongolia! If you are reading this, you probably already know the whole story behind Creative Beast Studios and the production of this exciting line of figures.

Review: Alpha Velociraptor (Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect by Kenner)

3.3 (20 votes)

Review and Photographs By Sketchy, edited by Suspsy

While Jurassic World popularized the idea of genetically modified dinosaur hybrids, Kenner beat them to the idea over 17 years prior with the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect line, a mix of crazy hybrids and similarly crazy repaints of old figures.

Review: Baby Velociraptor Playpen (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by LEGO)

3.4 (11 votes)
“Greetings once again, fellow dinosaur lovers! Dr. Bella Bricking here, along with Beth Buildit and her precocious young niece, Bronwyn!”
“Bwah? What the heck is Bronwyn doing here, Doc?! My sister forbade me from taking her on any more of our adventures after that last time!
“Oh, Bronwyn was perfectly safe with us, Beth!

Review: Buitreraptor with Wetlands Environment Accessory Pack (Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptor Series by Creative Beast Studio)

4.9 (48 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

It has been quite some time since I last reviewed something from the Beasts of the Mesozoic Raptor Series, having been caught up with Mattel’s Jurassic World figures. But with the next Beasts of the Mesozoic Kickstarter campaign only a few months away, it is time I come back and give some much needed attention to this precious line of highly articulated, highly detailed, and mostly scientifically accurate figures.

Review: Carnivorous Dinos (Toob by Safari Ltd.)

2.8 (28 votes)
When it comes to tubes of miniatures, or “toobs,” Safari Ltd. remains the undisputed ruler. That said, they haven’t released any new toobs in years, and many of their prehistoric-themed ones are really showing their age. Today we’ll be examining one such example, Carnivorous Dinos, consisting of twelve miniatures representing a veritable Who’s Who of Mesozoic (and one Paleozoic) Meanies.
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Review: Compsognathus (alias “Velociraptor”) by Tchibo

1.5 (8 votes)
Tchi – what?!
Here we have a funny dinosaur figure. It´s funny and bizarre for at least six reasons. It´s not only its overall look. It´s also because
1. its manufacturer company is unknown and
2. it was distributed by coffee trading company Tchibo from Germany who

Review: Dakotaraptor (Dinosaurs in the Wild by IVS Group Ltd.)

4.5 (4 votes)

Review and photos by Patrx

The publication of Dakotaraptor steini by DePalma et al. in 2015 was a pretty exciting thing. Dakotaraptor is a large (about five and one-half metres long) dromaeosaurine from the well-studied Hell Creek formation of North America. Proportioned more like the famous Deinonychus than the stocky UtahraptorDakotaraptor made quite an impression on casual and die-hard dinosaur fans alike, and the fact that its publication included a beautiful reconstruction by Emily Willoughby helped promote current ideas of what dromaeosaurs looked like in life.

Review: Dakotaraptor (Paleo-Creatures)

4.4 (8 votes)

Review and photographs by Loon, edited by Suspsy.

When I got back into dinosaurs in the mid-2010s, there were really only two criteria for becoming a paleontological sensation: having feathers and being big. Aside from having both, Dakotaraptor steini also lived alongside the famous fauna of the Hell Creek Formation, making it quite the superstar for a while.

Review: Deinonychus (AAA)

2.8 (13 votes)

Once there was a time when Theropods simply were divided into ‘Carnosaurs’ (the big ones such as Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus) and ‘Coelurosaurs’ (the smaller ones such as Coelophysis or Compsognathus). Then along came Deinonychus, an irritating new predator who did not really fit into this concept. When it was discovered in 1969, no one could guess it was the herald of a radically different approach to looking at dinosaurs, eventually leading to a new theory of bird ancestry.

Review: Deinonychus (Bullyland)

3.8 (6 votes)
Photographs by Lanthanotus, edited by Dinotoyblog
Reading Horridus´ great review of the vintage Carnegie Deinonychus trio, another Deinonychus figure came into my mind. A base? Non–feathered? Dynamic, Bakker-inspired pose? Wait, yes – it’s the Bullyland Deinonychus!

It is tiger–coloured and striped, 14.5 cm long and 8 cm tall, with the typical Bullyland approach that can easily be recognized.

Review: Deinonychus (Carnage Dinosaurs by ReSaurus/Toysmith)

3.6 (5 votes)

Review and photos by Dino Scream3232 (formerly Apatosaurus3232), edited by Suspsy

Well, this review is long overdue. Suspsy asked me awhile back to do one for the Carnage Collection Deinonychus after I shared some pics of it on my collection page. So it’s with great honor that I complete the Resaurus Carnage Collection review page. 

This series holds a special place in my heart, as I remember seeing pictures of the line in ToyFare magazine when I was younger.

Review: Deinonychus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd.)

3.2 (20 votes)
Now here’s a figure I know some of you will recognise from your childhood – the Carnegie Deinonychus trio. Remember your childhood? Those halcyon, carefree days that were spent frolicking through flowery fields and dawbing awful dinosaurs using wax crayons? Well, those days are gone – GONE – and you can’t have them back.

Review: Deinonychus (Definitely Dinosaurs by Playskool)

1.8 (6 votes)

Review and photos by dinoguy2, edited by Suspsy

Deinonychus was hot in the 80s’ – a relatively new, small, fast, vicious theropod that was beginning to catch kids’ attention in books and TV specials, and therefore made an obvious choice when it came time to fill in the small dinosaur slots in a toy line.

Review: Deinonychus (Kabaya)

4.4 (5 votes)
Review and photographs by Brandon. Edited by Plesiosauria.
In Japan, many figure companies are quite exciting due to their sculpting and selection of lines. For a good example take Bandai’s Godzilla Complete Works, Konami’s Gamera, Kaiyodo’s Dinotales to mention a few and if you know these lines and their respected makers then you know the orient also holds fantastic figures and not just the USA.
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