Woolly Mammoth (Mini Cuddlekin by Wild Republic)

Review and photo by Bryan Divers, edited by Suspsy

Meet Ellie, the favourite of favourites in my whole dinosaur collection! I was so inspired by her that I even draw a cartoon called “Skinny and Ellie,” featuring a caricature of her. Ellie is a Wild Republic woolly mammoth, also known as a Cuddlekin. But she is also part of the Mini Cuddlekin family; being only eight inches long and about five inches tall, making her perfect for travel.


The pattern of her fur is also beautiful, with a soft, reddish-brown, felt-like material composing her face, trunk, mouth, legs, rump, and tail. It is very possible that mammoths’ hair was shorter in these areas.


Ellie’s cranium tuft and the areas around her hump, shoulders, and stomach are made of longer, dark-brown plush. Mammoths had longer hair on the top of their heads and on their bodies, so that is also nicely accurate. Other nice details are the black nostrils stitched in her pink trunk tip and her open mouth, also made of the same pink material. Black hairs crown the tip of her tail as well. I also really admire that the white tusks grow out of brown tusk sockets attached to the sides of her face, rather than just being stitched directly to her face. This detail is overlooked in a number of stuffed woolly mammoths and elephants.


Ellie is, without any doubt, a five star toy in my mind. She is beautifully artistic in her construction and as appropriate for any mammoth-loving child as for an adult mammoth lover who likes to travel with a little friend, like me. She is easy to find in museum gift shops or online at Stuffedsafari.com, Amazon, or eBay, where I got mine.


2 Responses to Woolly Mammoth (Mini Cuddlekin by Wild Republic)

  1. She is very adorable! Especially nice considering her small size.

  2. Sorry if I am saying this in my reply, but in my opinion. the Wooly Mammoth by Hansa Creations is more detailed. I respect your choice, you love this one, whereas for me,I love the the movie Ice Age MANNY the mammoth, Scrat and Diego, the smilodon are my favourite prehistoric mammal toys and the wooly mammoth of Hansas Creations. There are also the smilodon by Papo and the adult wooly mammoth and the two calves also by Papo. The retired Schleich prehistoric mammal line which consisted of the macrauchenia, the doedicurus,the gastornis, the smilodon, the cave bear, and the megatherium and also the ones by CollectA and Safari ltd’s are also the best prehistoric mammal figures you can get.

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