Brachiosaurus (Procon/Collecta)

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In this review, I am going back to the mid-2000’s, to a time when Collecta was not the producer of high quality models they are now. They weren’t even called Collecta, but Procon. Many know of the fairly awful examples put out by the company then, but I am going to review one of the figures that showed genuine potential. While this figure has been reviewed in a down-sized form, I am going to show you the full sized version of Procon Brachiosaurus.

The figure itself measures 6.9″ long and 6.4″ high, making it a decent size for certain, mid-sized lines. The pose is pretty straight forward, a standing position, doing nothing noteworthy. Bit dull, but serviceable. The colour scheme is an all over greyish-blue (or green, depending on lighting). Again, dull, but a large animal has little need for elaborate colouring, so I can forgive that. The skin texture makes up for this, making the figure feel like it’s of a great quality.

Accuracy, and this is where an important question must be answered: is this Brachiosaurus or Giraffatitan? Based on the neck and the length of the tail, I would say this feels more like a Brachiosaurus, and a pretty decent one too.Head shape is correct, legs are the right length, and it doesn’t feel too shrink-wrapped. My only criticism is the teeth, which tries to go for peg like teeth that Brachiosaurus is known to have, but looks more like the fangs of a carnivore. At least they are hard to see, so you won’t notice this issue often.

On the whole, this isn’t a bad figure, just a bit dull. It’s perfectly inoffensive, a perfect choice for kids and may interest collectors. This is quite an old model now, but it should be fairly easy to get online. If you like it, grab it.

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  • Honestly, although it belongs to the dark age of Collecta, this brachiosaurus is not the worst thing that has been done compared to other contemporary Collecta figures, but without a doubt we need a new decent Collecta brachiosaurus and deluxe size. Perhaps the year 2020 we Will you bring surprises about this figure? Time will tell, but without a doubt Collecta does not stand out for her brachiosaurus figures today.

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