Carnoraptor (Jurassic World Hybrids by Hasbro)

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Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy

What’s this, another Hybrid? Yes, indeed it is, and the reason I keep buying these is because I wish to see the Jurassic World page complete with all of the Bashers and Biters models. Apart from the Indominus Rex, no other hybrids appeared in Jurassic World (though I fear the same can’t be said about its upcoming sequel), so I am happy for now that we will not get any clueless mothers or rabid fans requesting the likes of Papo or Rebor to create something like this.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Carnoraptor (which means “Meat-Eating Thief”), which reminds me of some dinosaurs I saw in an Asylum film called Asylum’s Age of Dinosaurs, where the animals are given real life genus names, but were far from accurate. The main enemies in that film were not raptors, but CGI Carnotaurus instead. They looked like a cross between the real thing and a JP-style Velociraptor, with the latter’s genes being dominant.


​As you can see from that movie image, the toy I’m reviewing looks an awful lot less like those things, but I can’t help but be reminded of them every time I look at it. To make this review short and sweet, all you need to know is that this model is the same sculpt as the Bashers and Biters Velociraptor toy without any removable gear, except with a brand new head sculpt and paint scheme. This new toy’s play feature works exactly the same: pulling down on the tail makes the head look to the side with its mouth open.


The head undoubtedly looks like a Carnotaurus, but I can see a little JP raptor mixed in. One of the things I do like about these toys is the colour schemes. Yes, they are very unrealistic, but I think they are still pretty to look at. Besides, I’m not taking this as seriously as the I. Rex because this thing never appeared in a Jurassic Park/World film yet, so I do not have to worry about it making any kid ask one of our beloved companies to create one for their collection instead of the 700+ realistic dinosaurs out there.


The colours on this thing are a bright red with dark purple stripes outline in yellow painted on the back. The head is coloured with some yellow and the claws are all black. If you look inside the mouth, you will notice that the tongue is the same purple colour that adorns the back of the creature. Since this model is part Carnotaurus, there are a pair of horns sticking out of its head that are painted purple as well.


Overall, this really is not worth the money that it is being sold for. Like I said, the only reason I buy these things is because they are official JP merchandise that could be worth something in the future, and I wish to see all of the Bashers and Biters be reviewed on the blog no matter how awful they appear to be.


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  • Joy. Another dinosaur in the “ready to receive” pose. Seriously getting annoyed by the constant mating positions of dino’s lately.

  • The Stegoceratops was actually a creature planned for the movie but later canned. Still appears on a computer screen in the movie.

  • The Stegoceratops was actually planned to be in Jurassic World, but was canned when the director and his kid ( who was 4 or 6 at the time, nor sure )watched Star Wars and the kid said that Luke is less special when Leia is a Jedi, too. The director then applied those words of wisdom from a little kid to the movie and canned the Stegoceratops. Still makes a cameo on a computer screen in the lab.

    So yes, the Stegoceratops is not in the movie because Luke Skywalker is not a single child.

  • Well, it could become worth something if you keep it in box and sell it years later. The Hybrid line seems to have rather limited distribution. Not something I would buy for the sake of collecting it. I only brought one Hasbro JW figure: The first B&B Indominus Rex!

  • That is one fugly critter. It’s not even got ugly-cute charm.

  • Design wise it’s actually pretty great. I for one would actually rather companies like REBOR (and to a lesser extent Papo), make fictional dinosaurs instead of real ones, because they simply refuse to make them accurate anyway. It suffers from the same production quality issues as the other Hasbro products though.

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