Carnotaurus (Terra Series by Battat)

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One of the last models released by Battat for the Boston Museum of Science collection was the Carnotaurus back in 1998. Now, 17 years later it’s back and with a shiny new paint job too. Many Carnotaurus have come and gone since this one was originally released but this one still remains one of the best. I would dare say the best, but Carnegie did release an admittedly stellar model of this genus fairly recently. It’s certainly the best out there in the 1:40 scale however and despite its older age is just as accurate as the recent effort from Carnegie. It’s an interesting observation that we now live in a world where Battat models are making a comeback right when Carnegie retires their line.

I’ve coveted this model since I first read about it on this very blog in 2009. Itstwentybelow was the one who reviewed the original and he heavily reviewed the accuracy of that model, so there is little need to do so here. This model is still among the best anatomically. The blunt, laterally compressed skull, tiny forelimbs, raised osteoderms and long slender legs are all faithfully reproduced in order to show you just how bizarre this theropod was. Although I don’t have the original model to conduct a side-by-side comparison it does not appear this model was tweaked from the original in any obvious way. It is worth noting however that the new releases all seem to have toes curled up on the left foot. Although the model is meant to use the tail as a support this curling of the toes does permit one to balance the figure with the tail off the ground, although this stance is precarious. Some collectors have reported that their models don’t stand at all. Indeed, the plastic used in these models is very soft and pliable.

The new paint job is the most obvious difference between releases and even though I’m a big fan of the original this one has to have one of the best repaints of the Battat models released thus far. Unlike the sloppy and glossy paint application applied to most of the Terra line this one is very clean and precise. Overall the model is grey, darker along the back and gradually lightening up towards the belly. Although this may sound like a boring color choice it compliments this model quite well. You can imagine this animal stalking through a dark Cretaceous forest on a moonlit night. The only other color present is a red flush on the lower jaw and neck. This leads you to believe this model is a male, and this red flush is what he displays to potential mates and rivals during the mating season. This is a bull “flesh bull”. The nails and horns are another shade of grey and every individually sculpted tooth is painted white with no obvious runoff.

Like the rest of the Terra line this model comes in a small cardboard display box indicating it is part of the Dan LoRusso collection (this piece is sculpted by LoRusso) and with information on the species on the back. This packaging is very nice but this and the rest of the Terra models are tied into the box very tightly with twist ties. Although this secures the model the ties are twisted so tightly that they dig into the soft plastic used on the model. As a result, my Carnotaurus has indents on the tail where it was held in place. Other models suffer from similar damage including the Tyrannosaurus and Ceratosaurus. Buyers beware if you’re interested in a mint condition figure but finding one undamaged might prove difficult. If symmetry is important you might also want to take a look at the model head on. One of the horns and the jaw appears askew, but honestly, how can you complain about a re-released model from the 1990’s? Especially when the model has a six dollar price tag?

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  • I’d love to get my hands on this lil guy. I love the Battat series. I even have a couple. But I’ve loved this one for a long time. I’m deffinitely going to get at least one of these if not more.

  • “It is worth noting however that the new releases all seem to have toes curled up on the left foot.”
    Mine doesn’t, for the record.

  • I really like the coloring on this guy- Paul is spot on about it accentuating the sculpt! The photo here against the pines is great! Seeing a closer look at this model really makes me want to go pick it up at the store.

  • Dan LoRusso’s untimely death is a great loss.

    Speaking about his work is, perhaps, the best way to remember the man and the artist.

    I own both versions of his Battat Carnotaurus, and it is remarkable the difference the new paint scheme makes. The first paint version, reminiscent of an angry gila monster, draws too much attention to the paint. The second, far more subtle (and possibly more plausible) draws the attention to the sculpture. Definitely a good thing.


  • The timing of this Review is Devastating because Dan Lorusso has Passed away Today.

    • Thanks for this information, I did not know he had passed away. I’m speechless, guess I’ll head over to the forum to check out the news. He no doubt lead a full life, his loss is tremendous for our community. The only solace here is that he did what he loved until the very end.

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