Review: Mosasaurus (Deluxe Prehistoric Collection by CollectA)

4.6 (58 votes)

Before we begin the review, I would like to thank Happy Hen Toys for supplying this figure for review. Happy Hen Toys is a U.S. distributor of animal figurines and a member and supporter of the Dinosaur Toy Blog and Forum. Of particular note is that they’re one of the few U.S.

Review: Wuerhosaurus (Haolonggood)

4.6 (39 votes)

Wuerhosaurus is a genus of stegosaurid that lived during the early Cretaceous in China. Being from the early Cretaceous makes it notable as it means it’s one of the last living stegosaurid genera. While stegosaurids as a group flourished during the late Jurassic, they went completely extinct by the end of the early Cretaceous.

Review: Dimetrodon (Jurassic World: Dominion Captivz by ToyMonster)

3.5 (46 votes)

Mattel isn’t the only company producing Jurassic World toys and for this review we’re changing things up and introducing Captivz by ToyMonster to the blog. The Jurassic World Captivz are blind bag style toys originally released in Australia that started showing up in the US a couple years ago, with their Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous set.

Review: Edmontosaurus (Jurassic World, Basic 12” Figures by Mattel)

4.1 (35 votes)

The Basic line of Mattel Jurassic World figures is a line of budget friendly toys that are trimmed down in virtually every aspect. They don’t have any action features, the articulation is exceptionally limited, and the paintjobs are typically simplified. So far, they don’t have a presence on the Dinosaur Toy Blog, but today we’re looking at one of the line’s standout figures, the Edmontosaurus, new for 2022.

Review: Carcharodontosaurus (Gamba) (Prehistoric Animal Models by PNSO)

4.5 (41 votes)

Eight short years ago I wrote a glowing review for the CollectA Deluxe Carcharodontosaurus. At the time the praise was deserved, aside from a Safari toy from the 1990’s there weren’t any other options for the “jagged toothed lizard”. CollectA’s model filled a vacant niche, and it was in turn followed by a new model of the genus from Safari in 2016.

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Review: Kronosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

3 (22 votes)

We now return to our series of pliosaur reviews. We have already looked in detail at the popular Chap Mei Liopleurodon here and more recently the Kronosaurus by Schleich. Let’s now take a look at Safari Ltd’s offering, another popular figure, the Carnegie Collection Kronosaurus.

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