Iguanodon ‘Aladar’ (Disney’s Dinosaur by McDonald’s)

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Guest Review written by ‘Resurrection of the dinosaurs.’, edited by Suspsy.

A wide variety of dinosaur movies have been released over the decades, often accompanied by merchandise such as toys and games among others. One such movie is Disney’s Dinosaur, released back in 2000. The story takes place 65 million years ago and tells about a baby Iguanodon named Aladar who has been separated from his family as an egg and raised by a group of lemurs.

The McDonald’s fast food chain is well-known for its line of movie tie-in toys for their Happy Meals, including ones for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The Aladar toy that I will be reviewing today is one of the items released for Dinosaur. The toy measures 5.5 inches in length and 2.1 inches in height. I think this toy came with a ‘Plio’ (one of one of the lemur characters) figure as shown in the image below, but I do not have any of the lemur figures. A lot of toys have been released for this movie, including a large electronic Aladar figure, the Carnotaur villain, Neera, and Kron figures, and hand puppets of Aladar, the Carnotaur, Kron, and Neera, but this is the only one I own.

This toy has many screw holes, which is a little annoying given that it is not an electronic one. I think that it is accurate due to the fact that it is based on the Aladar character in the movie, and the proportions seem right also. The small thumb spike is present also on each hand. A small ridge of high vertebrae is present on the back. The only inaccuracy that I can see is that it has lips instead of a beak. Let me know in the comments if you happen to see more. Due to the fact that it is a small toy, it does not have many details. There is some muscle definition on the legs, bird-like scales on the feet, creases of skin, and a small row of scales above the eyes.

The colors are dark blue for the back, which merges into a cream color for the underside of the body. The tiny eyes are black. The claws on the hands and feet are left unpainted.

Run! It is the ferocious Carnotaur!

What makes this toy special is the articulation in the arms and legs. Here, for example, I have rotated the arms and legs to make it seem to run. You can also rotate them to a funny extent!

If you have seen the movie and have some of the toys, you can also recreate scenes from the film. Here, as this is my only Dinosaur toy, I used other dinosaur figures.

Well, I think that this toy is great. The movie also was great, revolutionary in its genre, rich in visual sensations and special effects. It sure plunged you into a prehistoric world! I loved it as a kid, and Ilove it still. Nostalgia comes back when I play with this toy or whenever I watch the movie. Again, there are many other toys from this movie. They are very often and easily available on eBay, but due to the fact that they are long retired, they may be getting rarer or more expensive.

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  • Note: The toy shown in the second picture is a different toy. It is of the same sculpt as the one reviewed here, but it has a small lever to make it walk. It comes with the Lemur figures. This one is actually meant to be alone and another toy.

  • Nice review. I avoid McDonald’s toys whenever I see them, but I have been tempted on Ebay to pick this fellow up.

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