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Carnotaurus (Disney’s Dinosaur by Thinkway)

2.6 (5 votes)
This might seem like Déjà vu, but it isn’t. We recently reviewed a Disney’s Dinosaur Carnotaurus by Mattel here but savvy Disney didn’t put all their dinosaur eggs into one basket. They licensed ‘Disney’s Dinosaur’ to an array of different manufacturers, which means there are more versions of the Disney Carnotaurus than you can throw a family of lemurs at.

Carnotaurus (Walt Disney’s Dinosaur by Mattel)

2.5 (11 votes)
The 2000 Disney film simply titled Dinosaur was a technological achievement but ultimately a mediocre movie. The history of the film itself is an interesting one and a prime example of how Hollywood meddling can take a great concept and run it to the ground. Originally, the film was to be darker, without any talking animals.

Gigantopithecus (Disney’s A Jungle Book by Just Play)

4.3 (3 votes)

Review and images by bmathison1972, edited by Suspsy

In 1967, Disney released a feature-length animated movie of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book series. One of the most iconic characters from that film was the singing and dancing orangutan, King Louie. Interestingly, Louie never appeared in any of Kipling’s original works.

Iguanodon ‘Aladar’ (Disney’s Dinosaur by McDonald’s)

1.8 (6 votes)
Guest Review written by ‘Resurrection of the dinosaurs.’, edited by Suspsy.
A wide variety of dinosaur movies have been released over the decades, often accompanied by merchandise such as toys and games among others. One such movie is Disney’s Dinosaur, released back in 2000. The story takes place 65 million years ago and tells about a baby Iguanodon named Aladar who has been separated from his family as an egg and raised by a group of lemurs.

Smilodon (Diego) (Mattel )

2.8 (6 votes)

Interview by Scrat, edited and photos by Bokisaurus

Hiiiiieee blog readers, Scrat here! Yes, I’m filling in for Bokisaurus! He begged me claiming he is suffering from writers block and needed a break. Before he left, he went on and on and on about me having to be on brand blah blah blah until I finally hit him in the head with my acorn to shut him up!

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