Indominus Rex (Jurassic World Hybrids by Hasbro)

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Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy

Well, thanks to the Indominus Rex’s unfortunate popularity with the current generation, Hasbro thought it would be a good idea to release an entire line dedicated to fully fictional dinosaurs, complete with ridiculous designs made to make the most rambunctious of children shout out the word “BADASS” before getting reprimanded by their parents for cursing.


As I’ve said in the past, I do not think JW Hybrids belong on this blog. And I made my point by reviewing some models that were even more ridiculous than the Indominus itself. That being said, the reason I got the subject of today’s review was simply because it’s the only time in my life I would ever get to collect some JP-related merchandise hot off the heals of a major movie release. And you can expect more of these hybrids to be reviewed by me in the future because I know sometime in the future these toys will be worth something to make their existence seem worthwhile.


Today’s review is not something brand new. In fact, it’s the exact same figure as the Bashers and Biters Indominus, with two pieces of detachable armour. Since this figure is the same as the original version, there’s no need to go over its biting function, as it works exactly the same. However, Hasbro did give it a new colour scheme. Instead of the original white and grey, this toy is washed over with a light blue with some yellow stripes painted along the spine. Unfortunately, the standing issues that plagued the first version are still present with this one. If you want the figure to stand on its two feet, you have to angle it upwards to make it look like it’s observing the sky.


The main thing that separates this toy from the original release is the armour that comes with it. The armour is made out of a rubbery plastic and is very pliable. To attach it to the toy, you must slip the holes that are sculpted on the bottom of the pieces onto the scutes that adorn the monsters back. When you first buy this toy, the back armour is already attached, and the helmet is encased in a plastic shell on a pedestal that’s displayed right in front of the figure.


Overall, I can’t recommend this for those who already have the original B & B Indominus. But if you’re a completist of JP-related merchandise, then this is a no brainer. Unlike the first JW waves from last year, these hybrid models are not as easy to come by. They are only available at Target and Toys R Us stores as well as the occasional Walgreen’s, which is where my specimen was obtained from.


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Comments 8

  • You do realize that these are toys made for children?

  • Dude, you’re pretty much the only person that’s ever reviewed a hybrid on here and all you do is have a whinge, if you’re not a fan of the concept then don’t review them. If you didn’t then you would barely have to see them on here.

  • Oh please, Mattel, do better than this.

  • You don’t think “hybrids” belong on this blog, but you buy and review them on the blog anyway? That’s a bit contradictory don’t you think? If you REALLY didn’t think they belonged here, you wouldn’t write reviews for them.

    • Yeah, that’s a peculiar position to take.

    • I only do it because I want this blog to be complete according to what Dr Admin thinks would belong on here. If I were in charge. Hybrids would be banned all together. I buy these Because there linked to a Major Dinosaur movie that made millions of dollars, with toys that are bound to be worth something in 3 decades or so. Unlike a majority of this communitys collectors i never really had the chance to Collect the Original Jurassic Park Toys. and i dont want to spend loads of $$$ to start collecting those via Ebay. Almost Every single Jurassic Park toy i had was lost to my youth and the only ones that survived were traded off. With these Jurassic World Toys, i have no intentions on letting the sands of time consume them like they did with the old toys from my childhood.

  • And this is why Hasbro lost the license.

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