Jurassic World Destruct-A-Saurs Helicopter Set with Pteranodon (Mattel)

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EmperorDinobot here with another Pteranodon from the Jurassic World Franchise by Mattel. Destruct-A-Saurs saw very little distribution across the US, and the few that were found were purchases along the southern border, so collectors were scrambling to get these from our Mexican pals who were always willing to help. What makes this set so special? Let us find out.


This is a rather large set, which comes with an unique Pteranodon, an Asset Containment Unit pilot, and a chopper, as seen in Jurassic World’s (2015) crescendo, which sees the Indominus rex break into the Aviary, letting loose hordes of Pteranodon and Dimorphodon, which then proceeded to attack the park’s guests and staff.

Look alive, boys, look alive!

This Pteranodon’s mold is the same as all the other Mattel Pteranodon figures which share the same body as seen here, here, here, and here. The body is cast in a light brown color, with the neck and head being a darker brown with orange stripes running along the crest. light gray paint adorns the top of the wings The button makes it flap its wings..

Wait, did they paint the underside of the figure? They actually did! There’s a nice contrast between the body’s color, and the sandy tummy. It looks good since the feet are darker reddish brown. Like all the other Pteranodon, the wings have a hinge that allow them to be folded towards the body. However, the real gem in this set are the blue chopper and the ACU pilot. I wish I could post more pictures, but we are here to review the animal itself.

The figure’s beak has a magnet that interacts with the chopper in various ways, causing dino damage and more. The chopper itself has a button that makes the blades spin, has a capture claw attached to a rope, which helps reel in wayward animals. Unfortunately it is a one seater vehicle, even though it has chairs on the back. Nobody fits in there.

In conclusion, this is probably one of the best sets in all of the Fallen Kingdom collection, but it is rare, and it will set you back a few hundred dollars. If you are a completist like me, or just want to have aerial fun, then this is for you.

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