Tyrannosaurus rex (Juvenile by CollectA)

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Weaving nimbly through the trees, the princess pursues her furry prey. With a final burst of speed, she pounces on the small mammal and crushes its squirming body with her razor-sharp teeth. As she trots back to her nest and her parents, her prey gripped tightly in her jaws, this former fledgling is unaware that she has taken a crucial step toward becoming the undisputed ruler of her world.


One of CollectA’s earliest dinosaurs was the infamous baby Tyrannosaurus rex, a hideous little lump of plastic that looked like it had come straight from a wannabe Ray Harryhausen flick. Not so this year’s Juvenile T. rex. Here we have a very detailed, very beautiful, and very accurate animal. Very small too. It measures a mere 9.5 cm long and stands 5 cm tall.


There’s no mistaking this T. rex for an adult. The head looks small in proportion to the body, with a narrow snout, large eyes, and small, sharp teeth. The neck is elongated, the arms appear slightly large, and the hind legs are lanky and graceful. It’s easy to envision this young tyrant running swiftly across the landscape like an ostrich or a roadrunner. Due to its small size and delicate proportions, CollectA has wisely mounted it on an earth-shaped base.


Although no actual T. rex fossils with feathers have been discovered to date, it’s more than a fair assumption at this point that youngsters at least possessed them. This particular individual is decked out in pine green and sandy yellow plumage with brown spots on the flanks and stripes on the tail. The head features faint patches of red and light blue and black stripes and there’s a white stripe along the neck and shoulders. The eyes and claws are black, the teeth and underbelly are white, and the bare feet are grey.


I’ve read reports on the Dinosaur Toy Forum of this figure having a tendency to sag on its skinny legs, but mine seems to be nice and firm so far. Hopefully it stays that way.


The Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex is yet another shining example of just how much CollectA has improved over the years. This is a fun little dinosaur for fans of all ages. And if you’re concerned about it being lonely on your shelf, go check out its Deluxe-sized daddy!

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  • […] This Deluxe model measures an imposing 31 cm long and stands 14 cm tall, making it the largest dinosaur in CollectA’s 2015 prehistoric line. Its head is light brown with black stripes and pine green patches on the tip of the snout and either side of the jaw. The eyes are black, the teeth are yellowish white, and the inside of the mouth is pink. The large crest on the head is fiery red and the region around the neck is pine green with a white stripe. The rest of the body is light brown with a yellowish white underbelly and black claws. It’s a striking and attractive colour scheme, one that is very similar to that of a rooster or a male pheasant. I’m therefore going to assume that this T. rex is meant to represent a mature male. I’ve also named him Firestreak. He makes a great father figure for last year’s Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex. […]

  • Another great review. I don’t think the colorization is very natural since youngsters would probaly have a more subtle colorization but I like the way it looks, it definatly pops.

  • Great model and nice review.

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