Mammoth (Cuddly toy giveaway by Mammut)

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A Swiss company which produces outdoor clothing and equipment named itself „Mammut“ after the iconic Mammoth, probably because the prehistoric giants were as well equipped against cold and rainy weather conditions as you are supposed to be if you wear a Mammut product.  The company even leads a black mammoth in their logo. What an appealing marketing idea!

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Another good idea was the production of plush toy mammoths representing their logo animal, mainly addressing the customers´ children for customer retention.

I found this freebie at a flea market a few months ago and immediately bought it. Although cuddly toys of prehistoric animals normally are not my cup of tea, I could not leave this one behind in the basket it was offered in along with many other cuddly toys. I thought „You belong to your kind“ and took it. 

This little black and red friend is 15 cm (about 6 inches) long, 12 cm (4,7 inches) tall and 6,5 cm (2,4 inches) wide.  Its special trademarks are the hair that stand  on end and the red inside area of the ears. When you are after scientific accuracy, this animal is not for you, since  the scheme of childlike characteristics clearly wins over scientific accuracy here. Yet you clearly recognize the giveaway as a mammoth due to the prominent tusks and the fact that the form of a mammoth is deeply engraved into the common memory. To my astonishment, there are many mammoth cuddly toysout there, many of them more accurate (like the Hansa version here: ,Woolly Mammoth (Hansa) | Dinosaur Toy Blog ( many of them even more childish in appearance (like “Winston” by Jellycat here: Woolly Mammoth (“Winston” by Jellycat) | Dinosaur Toy Blog ( What makes it especially sweet are the black pinhead eyes begging for strokes.

You can easily imagine a parent and its child leaving the shop, the father with a new Mammut product in his bag, the child playing with this little friend on their way back to the car.

We are dealing with a small cuddly toy here, so don´t expect too much detail. The trunk ends  stumpy, the tail is plaited and ends in a fringed bulb. A hang tag behind the neck of a toy makes this toy easier to use as a decoration for stands at a trade fair or enables the child to hang it wherever it wants. Stitched in the toy is a label with care instructions and the company´s label.

I am happy to accidently have met this little friend and winkingly present it alongside my massive mammoth figures on the shelf.  I do not know how you can avail one for yourself. If you like, maybe contact the company itself.

You can support the Dinosaur Toy Blog by making your dino-purchases through these links to Ebay and Amazon.

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