Woolly Mammoth (TNG)

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Review and photos by Kikimalou, edited by Suspsy

An emblematic figure of prehistory, almost as much as the Tyrannosaurus rex, the woolly mammoth has survived many extinctions in the toy world. The first versions are probably those cast in lead by CBG Mignot and in composition by Chilau. These two rarities are now so rare that they are snapped up at exorbitant prices in auction rooms. Since then, from Marx through Starlux, Invicta, and up to modern companies, the mammoth has been part of all the “Dinosaurs” series.

Even though brands like Starlux, CollectA, Safari Ltd., and, of course, Eofauna offer or have offered a wider range of “prehistoric elephants,” the woolly mammoth remains the undisputed champion. The TNG company is no exception to the rule and today offers, alongside a very beautiful Stegodon, its version of the woolly mammoth. Like PNSO, TNG ships its creations perfectly protected in pretty boxes and is aimed at children aged 8 and over.

Larger than its Starlux and Invicta ancestors, this newcomer is, however, smaller than the current standard mammoths, such as the Favorite Kinto or the famous Carnegie Collection version (1/25 scale). Is it compatible with Eofauna productions? Almost.

With a height at the shoulders of just over 10 cm, this woolly mammoth misses the famous 1/35th scale if we consider a maximum shoulder height of 3.4 metres for an average individual. We can consider that its scale varies from 1/27 to 1/34 scale for an adult. It is therefore perfectly suited for a 1/32 scale collection.

But let’s drop the measuring instruments to talk about the beast itself: In a few words, it is very very beautiful. The sculptor has taken care to give the animal a nice, realistic walking pose with the left front leg well raised and the right rear leg about to do so. This is certainly not quite orthodox for an animal walking at an ambling pace, but it still gives an impression of movement that one does not feel with the Carnegie Collection version for example. The details of the coat also contribute to the feeling of movement and therefore of life.

The tusks that turn in towards each other add a “classical” touch to the sculpture and evoke for me the drawings of Zdenek Burian or William Stout. The concern for a well-made gesture is found everywhere, whether it is under the belly or under the legs.

And what about the paint job, you might ask? It does justice to the sculpture by proposing various shades of brown according to the supposed thickness of the fur, more accentuated on the body or the top of the head, more subtle on the trunk and the cheeks. 

The care given to the painting of the tusks is also notable, deploying a whole palette from brown to ivory.

To my knowledge, this level has never been reached for an object in this price category. The TNG is once again much better finished than such illustrious predecessors as the Carnegie or the Favorite. All I can say is that I wish TNG will continue quality production in the years to come.

I hope my additional photos will help convince you. Here is the TNG with my only 1/30 scale Pleistocene citizen, the Kaiyodo Smilodon fatalis.

With the Carnegie Collection and Kinto figures.

With the Papo 1/30 scale Asian elephant bull.

With the Mojo African bush elephant bull (1/32 to 1/39 scale).

And with the Eofauna Steppe mammoth (1/35 to 1/41 scale).

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Comments 6

  • Well, TNG created a bit of a ‘splash’, and deservedly so, with their Cenozoic mammalian released last year, with this one exemplifying the high production values of that aspect of the TNG line. But nothing since then. Hopefully they haven’t done with these wonderful mammals. I’d love to see more.

  • Beautiful model that is very much welcomed for this new era of 1:35 scale models, great to display it alongside dinosaurs of similar scale.
    Great review and wonderful to see you here occasionally, cheers!

  • I’d been looking for an approximately 1/35 scale Wooly Mammoth for the longest while , and so I was really thrilled to get this superb figure when TNG released it this winter. The praise given to it is no exaggeration.

  • Wow. An impressive figure for sure. A+

  • A splendid-looking figure. As much as some have had reservations about the TNG brand, plenty of folks have been waiting for a successor to the excellent Carnegie model; and it looks like TNG has delivered it.

  • Quite an impressive beast indeed!

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