Pachycephalosaurus (Jurassic World Bashers and Biters by Hasbro)

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Review and photographs by Takama, edited by Suspsy

Pachycephalosaurus is common among dinosaur toys with almost every company (including the Chinasaur manufacturers) having at least one model of this species in their collection. The animal was made somewhat famous due to its appearance in The Lost World: Jurassic Park and it would later make a cameo in Jurassic World. Due to its appearances in the franchise, Hasbro decided to make one as a part of their subpar Bashers and Biters line, as well as part of their Mini-Dinos collection that was sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores in the USA.


By now we are all aware of how bad the B & B figures can really be, but fortunately, the Pachycephalosaurus is one of the better models in the line in terms of aesthetics and accuracy. The model is sculpted the way you would expect a Pachycephalosaurus to be: a bipedal figure with medium length arms and a dome-shaped head covered in bony bosses. The head is faithful to the skull of the real animal, and the hands have the right number of digits. If there’s anything really wrong with the model accuracy-wise, then it would that the hips are not wide enough, but this is due to the fact that the model must be sculpted to fit the cheap packaging.


Like most of the models in this line, you activate the gimmick with the tail. Pushing down on it will cause the neck to extend upwards, making it look longer than it needs to be. Pulling the tail to the side will wiggle the head. Out of all the B & B figures, this is simpler than the rest, and is less likely to be broken in the store by the careless shoppers or employees.


In terms of detailing, the model is not fine. Most of the skin consists of wrinkles with some scales on the legs and head. Like the Mini model, there are osteoderms sculpted on the back, which is a popular feature to be found on Pachycephalosaurus toys these days.


On the back of the box, the figure is presented in a realistic color scheme with a Papo level of paint work. The actual toy, however, looks like something that a five year old colored with a magic marker. Most of the figure is yellow, with creamy white painted on the dome, horns, and bottom part of the torso. Black lines can be found going down the back of the model, as well as on the head


Overall, this is one of the better Bashers and Biters figures money can buy. It is not as likely to break as the other models in the line, and it is a decently accurate restoration of Pachycephalosaurus. If you want one, you can easily find it as of the time of this writing. This animal might be comparably boring to most kids in the line’s target audience, and so multiple specimens are left at the store ripe for the picking (just be sure to check and see if the one you choose works properly).


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