Pachycephalosaurus (The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Hammond Collection by Mattel)

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Finally! Roughly 6 months after acquiring it I’m getting around to reviewing the Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus. In this review you’ll see outdoor pictures that were taken in March, when I originally wanted to review it! They’ve been sitting on my computer, taunting me, reminding me to get around to this toy. So many figure to review, so little time. While I do like to cover Mattel products while they’re still on store shelves I have also been trying to alternate between Mattel and other companies so as not to swamp the blog with Mattel stuff like I did last year, when I covered 18 Mattel toys in a row over a span of several months. No harm though, the HC Pachycephalosaurus is still available so if you haven’t acquired one and need my review to convince you (unlikely) then we’re good to go.

Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, left side.
Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, right side.

The HC Pachycephalosaurus was a much-anticipated figure for me because I don’t have a mainline Mattel Pachycephalosaurus, I like The Lost World creature design, and Pachycephalosaurus is a favorite dinosaur of mine. The figure measures about 8” in length while the actual animal is estimated to have measured 14.8’. Those in The Lost World: Jurassic Park are said to measure 13’ and when scaled down from that this toy comes out at 1/19.5 in scale which is close enough to the 1/18 scale humans and vehicles. Those in Jurassic World are larger but this figure is specifically meant to represent the animal from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.  

Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus looking alert.
Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, startled.

This toy boasts 14 points of articulation. The jaw can open and close and the head and neck are articulated at their bases. The articulation on the head and neck is fantastic with a better range of motion than larger HC toys. I’ll try to let my pictures illustrate that. When the jaw is completely closed it can be hard to open unless you have longer fingernails or something to wedge in there. The arms are articulated at the shoulders and elbows and there is no wrist articulation. They’re on ball joints and can swivel every which way. The legs are articulated at the hips, knees, and toes. The rubbery tail has a bendable wire inside and is also articulated at its base. Overall, the articulation presented is pretty standard stuff and if you have HC toys then you know what to expect.

Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, looking over shoulder.
Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, running.

In terms of accuracy the Jurassic Park Pachycephalosaurus has always been one of the franchises stronger creature designs without too many issues. The hands are unsettlingly human-like but that’s nothing new either. However, there’s not much point in going over scientific accuracy with a toy based on a movie. Suffice it to say that if you like reasonably accurate dinosaurs but aren’t interested in Jurassic Park stuff this toy would still be a good addition to your collection.

Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, giving Roland a back rub.
Roland, why are you so tense?”
Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, head profile.

More importantly, the toy is mostly accurate to its onscreen counterpart. I’ve seen it said that the colors and patterns don’t quite match up but I’m not really noticing it and don’t think it’s anything to take issue with. It looks pretty spot on to me. I suppose the slashes through the eyes are not as vertical as those in the movie. Whatever.

Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, outside.
Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, grazing outside.

The main body is a drab olive green with a jungle green splotch saddled along the back that bleeds down the sides. Additional jungle green blotches are painted on the legs, through the eyes, and as bands on the tail. Some subtle white airbrushing is painted on the chest as well as on the dome and these fade into the main body color nicely. The eyes are orange with round black pupils. The beak and toenails are black. The fingernails are unpainted. The inside of the lower jaw and tongue are pink.

Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, eating outside.
Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, looking alert outside.

Details consist of various scales and wrinkles with some potions of the body utilizing one of those more than the other. The neck, tail, and lower legs go heavier on the wrinkles while the main body and head are mostly covered in fine pebbly scales. Particularly well executed are the various little bony knobs adorning the skull. The figure is decently in proportion with itself, still utilizing oversized feet for stability but at a size far less jarring than the Hammond Collection Velociraptor.

Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, being chased by predator.
Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, attacking predator.

Overall, I find nothing at all to take issue with here and consider the Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus one of the best figures in the line. It is perhaps my favorite figure in this size range, and it also appears to be one of the most screen accurate figures in the line too. You’re unlikely to find this figure in stores but it is still widely available online for about $14.99.

Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus, with other Jurassic Park Pachycephalosaurus toys.
Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus with other Jurassic Park toys.
Hammond Collection Pachycephalosaurus. with other Pachycephalosaurus toys.

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  • I have an original triceratops from the Jurassic Park original movie. Purchased in 1993, it’s still in its original condition and has never been taken out of the box. I even have the receipt. Looking to sell. Interested?

  • I too have pics of figures I took back in March (maybe earlier) for some reviews, that I’m also just getting to doing now (along with a few new pics so there will definitely be a noticeable inconsistency with lighting, due to my change of residence. I previously only used natural light when I could, but have to make do with artificial now). In any case, glad I’m not the only one to do that sort of thing around here, lol.

    I do wish the coloration and pattern was a bit more film accurate (I guess like the blue on the 2018 Legacy figure, and likes stripes instead of splotches on the legs), but the sculpt and articulation is much needed improvement over the Legacy one with horrible stability. I feel like for a lot of these HC figures, they hit the marks on some notes, but miss them on others (like the upcoming Blue). That said seeing this next to the Kenner figure kind of makes me hope Mattel might do a tribute figure to that one. I mean color-wise of course, since the old Legacy and its various repaints were based on the action feature of that one more or less.

    I’m way behind on picking up a lot of their figures this year, and I definitely didn’t prioritize this one with some of the other stuff on my wishlist, but I think it looks really nice in your outdoor pics, and it is tempting.

    • I really don’t see much difference between the coloration of the toy and the one in the movie, but maybe it’s just me and my vision.

      It would be great to get more tribute figures and the Kenner Pachy would be a great choice. Chances are it would be a mainline figure though. I wouldn’t mine getting tribute figures for most of the Kenner line. Stegosaurus, Screaming Dilophosaurus, Dimetrodon, Pteranodon, etc. Sadly, I think the JP 30th collection is done, but you never know.

  • Those outdoor shots and the combat shots with Metriacanthosaurus look terrific. It’s enough to tempt me back into collection the line!

  • Mattel JP/JW figures aren’t really my thing, but from DTB reviews, the Hammond Collection figures are among the nicest I’ve seen (and your wonderful pics and thorough reviews certainly help 🙂 )

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