Rebbachisaurus (CollectA)

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In the 1950’s some fragments of an interesting sauropod with tall neural spines was discovered, unfortunately, unlike many other dinosaurs with tall neural spines, it has not captured the imagination of others in its family.  The name of this animal is Rebbachisaurus.  It is unknown if it supported a sail or a hump, though the trend is to show it with a sail.    Other than the tall neural spines, it is widely considered to be a generic diplodocid sauropod with a large build,‭ ‬long neck, and whip-like tail.  Of course its popularity could change if more material was found.  The  holotype  included part of a vertebral column,  a scapula, a humerus, and an ischium.

This is one of CollectA’s earlier attempts which was very simplistic in its design and colors, but over time, they have grown up.  CollectA continued getting better and better, and now they have become a serious competitor in the prehistoric toy market.  With Rebbachisaurus they continued the trend of making every type of animal, from the obscure, to the well known.   Since this is an earlier figure, you know their will be some small issues with it.   Could it be a surprising figure, that is better than many expect or remember?  Lets take a look.


About the toy:  It is small toy, which is typical for CollctA’s standard size figures.  It is 20.5 cm long and 6.7 cm high. Unfortunately, it has the typical horse head that many early CollectA figures were given.  The mouth is open and showing off its white peg like teeth.  Starting at the base of the skull, and going all the way down the  spine to the tip of the tail, are the tall neural spines, that are sporting a sail.

The pose is ok.  The head turned slightly to its left, and the tail raised off the ground with some flowing curves to it.  The front and back legs are paired up and are in a static standing pose.  The feet are outdated and inaccurate, showing multiple claws on each foot. The gut is bulging and rotund, yet it feels small, wedged between the front and back legs.  The neck is thick and long with a nice dewlap, while the tail is thin and long.


The texture is made up of small wrinkles and skin folds along with some osteoderms embedded in its flank.  The colors are rather dull.  The base color is actually a light brown that is overlaid in a thick dark chocolate brown.  Due to the dark brown, the orange on the sail really pops.  The material used on the figure is very bendy.  As the legs, neck, and tail can bend easily.  Despite this, the material will snap back into place and will not break or tear easily.



Overall:  It isn’t really a bad figure, but neither is it memorable or outstanding. There are some typical scientific errors, the brown color is kind of off putting, and its pose is a bit on the static side.   For most collectors, they might want to pass on this toy.  When I compare it to some of the other early CollectA sauropods toys, I kind of like it.  Due to  its calm and innocent demeanor, along with its bright sail, it has some personality, and that makes me like it despite its flaws.  Its size can come in handy if you need shelf space, but not for those who like to have their figures in a compatible scale.  Rebbachisaurus  toys are rarely made, I know GeoWorld made one as well, but it is a harder species to find as a toy.



You can support the Dinosaur Toy Blog by making your dino-purchases through these links to Ebay and Amazon.

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