Rebbachisaurus (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

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The Cretaceous period was a time of mighty titans among the dinosaurs, with gigantic animals all across the globe. Largest of these were the sauropods, and they reached monumental sizes, from pony sized to thirty metre giants. They were present on almost every continent, with several on Africa. Here is an example of one, Rebbachisaurus, brought to you by Geoworld.

Let’s start with one of the major Geoworld issues, the fact cards. In the past, these have been majorly plagiarised pieces, but the more modern versions simply use a version of the model, usually better painted than the actual model. Is it the same here? let’s see……

To the figure!! And once more we have a colour scheme that may burn your eyes out, with yellow, mint green and orange. The black highlights are the only redeeming feature, as the sloppy paint on mine makes things worse for it. It is fairly static, maybe reaching up for food. It scales to 1:80, measuring 8.6″ long and 3.6″ high, so not terrible with other lines.

Now to another bedbug of Geoworld, accuracy. Here it isn’t too terrible, featuring the spines of the fossil and the long neck and tail associated with diplodocids. However, the head is based off an invalid species which was a chimaera with Nigersaurus, so jury is out on that. The nails are wrong too, should be more elephantine. Bit of a mix here.

Overall, this is a very middle-of-the-road model. It’s not the worst of Geoworld, but doesn’t stand up to the CollectA model. If you want more variety, it could be worth getting, but it’s up to you. It is very mixed, to say the least. EBay is the best bet if you want it.

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