Stegosaurus (Smithsonian Institution by Tyco)

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A Stegosaurus is definitely a classic,

as it hailed from the Jurassic.

It had large plates and spikes on its tail,

though it trudged as fast as a snail.

Meet the Smithsonian Stegosaurus toy from TYCO,

this is one toy you don’t want to let go.

The Dino Riders Stegosaurus had armor and could walk,

the Smithsonian version had none, just plates like a mohawk.

Finding room on a shelf might be a chore,

as its scale is 1:24.

At 6.5 in (16.5 cm) high and 10.8 in (27.4 cm) long,

it would look good standing next to King Kong.

The main color is green with red that has been brushed.

I guess this Stegosaur must be excited as it plates are blushed.

Oh those beaded eyes with their lifelike gleam,

wink at you as you start to dream.

Depictions of Dinosaurs from a childhood we adored

lead to scientific accuracy that we occasionally have ignored.

Its tail is dragging and its legs are splayed,

but its from the 80’s and that’s how it was made.

Yes this toy is quite archaic,

but for me Stegosaurus is Ptolemaic.

Its tiny little head had a beak that chops,

it looks as cute as an Avaceratops.

Long time gone from the shops it is,

so off to E-bay as that’s the biz.

To me its beautiful so I fully recommend,

as its worth the money you will spend.

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Comments 12

  • Skies are blue
    and Roses are red.
    After I rode that nice words of you,
    to dream with dinos I’m going to bed. Yawn…

    Good comment. But could you have been nicer with my childhood dino, that broke his poor legs and couldn’t walk again since 1996, just 4 years after Santa brought me this dino, in the Xmas of 1992.

  • A review quite fitting for that anachronistic behemoth, great work, also with the photos 🙂

    I recently added the stego to my collection, thought I bought it in a lot and didn’t recognized it at all on the photos on ebay. so I was quite surprised to find it. Unfortunatley its motorization is broken, but its anyway an impressive figure with a lot of charme.

  • The format reminds me of the simple tests written in early 90’s children’s dinosaur books, very original idea. At first, I thought there was a problem with the editing until I read the comments.
    I have many Stegosaurus figures, my collection is still growing and I think this fella is welcome as a new additional figure to my expanding collection.

    • Thank you. I was going for a fun and simpler type of review that would showcase the age and fun of this toy. I didn’t think of it when I wrote it, but it is kind of like a 90’s kid book.

      • Ok, then you were being funny, not sarcastic. So, if it’s that, you are welcome. Thanks for your review of my childhood toy. I though that you were being a bit rude, and I was a bit sad remembering my broken toy dino, that was all. Sorry.

  • Interesting format!

  • I’m liking this new review format.

    • Thank you. It was not my original plan to write it this way. I actually wrote up a regular style review for the toy but I wasn’t happy with it. The rhyming style just seemed fit the age and look of the toy. As for the format, it just fit the look I was looking for.

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