Tyrannosaurus Rex (Jurassic World Live Tour)

3.3 (12 votes)

The show Jurassic World live Tour

was quite a lot of fun.

I took my seat and looked at the brochure,

and read about each animal one by one.

The Tyrannosaur was massive and not demure.

She has often been cast as a villain and hero,

and that is part of her allure

as she can make people scream like Ann Darrow.

I wanted to leave with a keep sake

but the tyrannosaur cost more than the others in plastic.

To leave with nothing would have been heart ache

instead I walked out feeling enthusiastic.

With my family by my side

I walked out into the sun

The show was quite a ride

but this T-rex will be lots of fun.

I saw the Jurassic World Live Tour show with my family back in 2019. This T-rex was one of the exclusive toys that were made only for the live tour. Of course a lot has changed since I walked out of the arena with my family. In the short term, who knows if and when it will be on tour again. Hopefully the show will get a chance to perform in front of a live audience again. Till then, who knows how many of these toys will be in circulation. Does this make this toy something worth tracking down? Is this toy worth it to find one on a toy hunt ? Lets take a quick look.

About the toy: The size of the figure is nice and it is rather light. It stands at 5.55 in (14.097 cm) high, and it is 15 in (38.1 cm) long, and weighs 8.8 oz (250 g). The material is soft vinyl so it is soft and bendy.

The pose on this figure has both the head and tail turned inward to the toys left side. The mouth is a gape showing off its impressive dentation. The arms are pronated incorrectly, with the left arm extended, and the right arm is bent at 90 degrees. The left foot is forward and it’s right leg is back.

Texturally there are small bumps and folds on the skin over the entire body. The ridge on its skull is full of bumps. The muscle tone and overall weight, makes her look a little thin and underfed. The scars from the velociraptors and Indominus are present on the body.

The colors are dark brown with light brown brushed on top. The scars and the belly are all a creamy tan color. The mouth and tongue are a uniform darker shade of pink. As for the teeth, they would make her dentist proud as they are gleaming white. The eyes are yellow and the claws are all painted a dark grey.

Overall: Currently this toy stands proudly with my other Jurassic World toys. When I look at it I remember a great afternoon out with my family. It is a nice representation of the Jurassic Park/ World T-rex. It is not a flashy toy but it does look ok.

But…. as I basically stated in the Jurassic World live stegosaurus review, it is a nice but overpriced gift boutique item. If you are a Jurassic World completist you might want to keep an eye out for one. Of course you might find one at a garage sale or on e-bay being sold at a low – low price and it could be worth it. In reality I wouldn’t go out of my way to find one, as there are so many other excellent T-rex options out there. This toy is not really worth the effort.

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