Tyrannosaurus (unknown company)

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Review and photos by Conrad (AKA neovenator08). Edited by Plesiosauria.

Well, I’m no expert in dinosaurs or dinosaur toys compared to most, but I feel obliged as this toy is the pride of my (tiny) collection and there is no review so far. So, from what I can see this is quite a good representation of one of the most well-known dinosaurs out there. For starters, the scales are sculpted brilliantly and really give a good feel of how the creature might have appeared. They have even sculpted a few wrinkles of flesh on the flank, which adds to the realism.

Tyrannosaurus unknown

On the head, the eye is painted in a glossier paint than the rest of the body which gives a sense of character to it. However, the head also has some of the main drawbacks of the figure. The decision to paint the nostrils red makes it look a bit like it’s got a nosebleed, and although the teeth are sculpted well, the open mouth makes it look a bit too smiley – not to mention the tongue that is only half red.

Tyrannosaurus unknown

This figure is a tripod, balancing on its tail which bends on the ground, giving the dinosaur an old-fashioned look. But the colour scheme is not old-fashioned – they’ve gone for an orangey brown, with a green wash over the top of the animal. This gives a different appearance depending on what angle you are looking from.

Tyrannosaurus unknown

The last point I want to make is the size. It is massive! The Dalek in that picture is 6” tall, and it is half as tall as the Tyrannosaurus, which would make the height about 12”. In length, I’d say it was about a foot, which means it towers over all the rest of my dinosaurs, and that isn’t a bad thing…

I’m not sure what company makes this dinosaur, and I’ve yet to see it available in any shops, online or otherwise. I got mine on eBay for just under £10 but I don’t know if that’s good or not! If anybody knows which company produces this figure, please leave a comment!

EDIT – This figure is available on Amazon here

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  • […] figure was bought at a Mexican Fiesta back in 2014. It is from the same unknown line as this T. rex reviewed back in 2011, and it is a pretty sizable piece of plastic. At first glance, it is apparent that they intended to […]

  • brutto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I like the dalek!

  • Such critical comments!
    Yes this model is not anatomically correct, but its still an awesome toy.
    I’ve got one myself and I can attest to it’s dominating presence in the room.

    Get one if you can!

  • La única palabra que puedo pronunciar sobre esta figura es que es horrible, las hay mejores incluso en las tiendas de chinos.

  • Tiene aspecto de figura infantil.Lo veo muy desproporcionado en general y la cabeza está muy mal hecha,aparte de que el ojo es enorme y el color desafortunado.Parece una criatura demoniaca.

  • im afraid that it’s not even close to looking like a real Tyrannosaur, however the detail is quite nice though

  • I don’t understand why some companies, like Schleich, make ugly prehistoric animal figures. I can’t decide whether the pose or the face is worse. The head looks nothing like the head of a Tyrannosaurus.

  • I looked this up on amazon, and it is made by a companey called Billy-V.

  • ‘Tis a large one – I’ve seen it in the Natural History Museum shop, and it might be Toyway (though not part of the NHM-branded range). In terms of anatomy I’m afraid to say it’s pretty terrible, not really resembling a real tyrannosaur; it’s proportioned rather like an adult, but the gigantic eye suggests a juvenile (which would have been very differently proportioned). The teeth are too uniform, not displaying the marked heterodonty that tyrannosaurs are known for, and the ear is in a very strange place; it even seems to be missing the first toe on each foot, judging by these pictures. It IS nicely detailed – if only more effort had been put into getting the anatomy right. Shame.

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