Velociraptor “Blue” (Attack Pack)(Jurassic World by Mattel)

2.4 (11 votes)

Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy

With the Jurassic World license now in the hands of people who actually care about the toys they make, we now have a large selection of toys that (so far) have proven to be a massive improvement over the poorly designed dreck that Hasbro has created for the last film in the series. Because the number of toys from this collection is huge, and are distributed into different sub-lines, I decided to collect only ONE of each animal Mattel created that is said to be in scale with each other. That being said, when it comes to buying a Velociraptor, there was only one toy that I decided should enter my collection, and that was the Attack Pack version, more specifically, Blue. Blue (as we all know) is now a main character in the JP/JW franchise, and can be seen in a variety of merchandise. However, when the last film came out, Hasbro replicated the character rather poorly in all of her toy incarnations.

The new version of Blue is almost everything I want in a dinosaur toy, and that is simplicity. The toy has no gimmicks and only has rotatable arms and legs, along with an articulated jaw. The toy is also to scale with the different human figures released for the line, as well as most of the other animals (and monsters) released for the line. The figure may not be as poseable as the Battle Damage version, but for me, that’s not a problem. The figure does, however, suffer from “clown foot syndrome,” just like my recently reviewed Battle Damage T. rex, but being a toy made for kids, I do not see this as a dealbreaker for me. The materials used to manufacture this figure are also pretty sturdy. The arms and tail are made out of a pliable, rubber-like plastic, while the rest is made out of a more solid plastic (and no screw holes in sight). The model is also in a nice-looking walking pose with the tail curling to the side. When the tail is stretched out, the model is almost 8 inches long, but if you leave the tail in its natural position, the model is reduced to only 6 inches.

One of the things that might put some people off is that this model does not replicate the Blue character’s color scheme quite as well as the Battle Damage version. While the sculpt does have blue painted on it (and does not look like the versions made by Hasbro), it lacks the white streak that was present on the Battle Damage one. Plus the blue only goes up to the base of the tail. However, for this price point, I’m willing to excuse that (or maybe I’m too forgiving today). Other then the blue, a majority of this toy is a dark grey, and the claws are not painted. However, the eyes are painted yellow with black slits for pupils, the teeth are a dingy white color, and the tongue is painted in a dark pink.

Overall, this is a great toy for those who like simplicity in their dinosaur toys. However, I understand that it has some faults that may have some of us go for the Battle Damaged version instead. All in all, I say that it comes down to personal taste. If you want articulation, then the Battle Damage version is the way to go. However, if you want simplicity, then go with this Attack Pack version. If you want this particular version of Blue, then you can find her almost anywhere that sells the JW: FK toy line.

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