Pachycephalosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

Pachycephalosaurus belongs to the general group of dinosaurs called marginocephalia which encompasses all the dome-headed pachycephalosaurs as well as all of the ceratopsians. Pachycephalosaurus itself was the largest of the dome headed dinosaurs, estimated to have grown to between fifteen or perhaps twenty feet in length. It is widely accepted as being an herbivore but recent studies suggest it may have supplemented its diet with a little animal content as well. It lived at the very end of the Cretacious during the Maastrichtian Age in North America and co-existed with dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Anatotitan, Ankylosaurus and Ornithomimus to name a few.


This figure is alright but is certainly not the best pachycephalosaur model out there. For anatomy I feel like the head should be a little bigger and the tail a bit longer. Other than that there isn’t really anything glaringly wrong with it.

The dinosaur is caught in the middle of charging, perhaps a rival of the same species, in the iconic battering ram pose so many pachy reconstructions seem to have. This pose is rather dynamic but becomes tiresome quickly. Also, because of the running position, the poor dinosaur is stuck to a stand in order to keep it balanced, which means very limited playability. Some people like stands under their models but I personally don’t.


The detail is pretty good. The animal is covered in reptilian scales which widen on the belly and on the front of the legs and feet. The paintjob, however is not superb. Small parts of the feet are painted the same color as the base and the mouth seems to have a pathetic attempt of of front teeth painted on in the form of a white blotch at the tip of the snout. The black claws are also quite sloppily applied.


The color scheme of this figure is rather original. It’s a gray with a mix of light blue, lavender and black streaks along the body that become predominantly black towards the tail. The feet are also black. The older version of this model was less brightly colored and more gray. All in all this is not one of Carnegie’s best models but I cut it a lot of slack for also being one of its oldest. That being said, it was considered quite accurate for its time.

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