Apatosaurus (Bullyland)(Museum Line)

Rounding out Bullyland’s Museum-Line of prehistoric figures is the longtime favorite Apatosaurus, one of the largest figures in their entire line. Many manufacturers have – either to cut costs or respect traditions – opted for a generally plain paint scheme for large sauropods. Prior to the Carnegie Diplodocus of 2008, it seems most sauropod figures have neutral tones and rarely any showy patterns. This reconstruction by Bullyland would be, perhaps strategically, a standout figure in a toy or gift shop display.

There is a subtle battle of color going on here. The basic grey form is intercepted by vertical striping along the entire body. This burgundy coloration actually seems to solidify around the neck and tail, only to be “counterattacked” by the grey, again in stripes. Around the legs, the burgundy appears instead as a spotted pattern. Like many Bullyland figures, the decorative patterns are often outlined in black. These outlines likely served as guides for the painters, while providing a distinctive aesthetic of their own.

Sculptural details are not particularly fine on this figure. However, it does sport a great active pose, something which Bullyland seems to handle pretty well. Caught in mid-stride, the beast bears all the modern grace of a 21st century sauropod replica, even if it doesn’t quite hit every checkbox for scientific authenticity. The tail curls midpoint, lending an interesting bit of visual flair, while sparing children the threat of a long pointed dinosaur toy. Also of note is the display tag, which normally has an illustration of the species posed exactly like the figure. For the Apatosaurus, the illustration depicts a fairly bulky sauropod standing on its hindlegs, hinting at some potential changes this figure underwent during the development process.

At 39 centimeters in length, there’s some nice compatibility for collectors. The original retail price for this piece was nearly $30, which seems a bit excessive given today’s standard of mass-produced detailed figures. Fortunately, it can be found for a bit less in places that still sell them. The Apatosaurus was one of several figures retired by Bullyland in 2010. Given the popularity of the species however, it is likely we’ll see an improved version in the future.

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