Apatosaurus (Furuta)

Review and photos by Brandon, edited by Plesiosauria.

Several years ago the Japanese company Furuta created a really nice set including some of the most popular dinosaurs: Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus! These dinosaur figures were painted but unassembled and had to be snapped together. Each one came with an information card printed in Japanese with a scaled silhouette of the animal with a human. The figures are two to three inches long and about two inches tall. They are not to scale to each other but are excellently sculpted and painted and depict modern appearances of these animals. One of the most famous of all dinosaurs, the former “Thunder Lizard”, is depicted in a modern way and is one of the coolest Apatosaurus collectibles out there!

Apatosaurus Furuta

The sculpting of the Apatosaurus is truly a treat, you can clearly see that this figure is depicting a very large animal. The tail is not dragging, however it isn’t very whip-like as you’d expect. The back is sloping and the hind and front pilar-like length legs are different lengths, the front are shortest. The claws aren’t protruding out as much as they should. The chest and torso area is large and the neck is long and positioned correctly. The head doesn’t look equine-like but instead more snake-like, the nostrils are in authentic location near the eyes. The skin on the body look rough and weathered indicating that the animal is of an older age and overall the sculpting of the figure is very decent!

Apatosaurus Furuta

The paint work is great with no sloppiness to be seen. Large and thick tan colored stripes span from his head to his tail and the rest of his body consists of blue, green and yellow. Again, all of the paint is just applied greatly. The figure was in a small plastic bag but a cool bonus is that the Apatosaurus includes bio card or a trading card. Ninety-five percent of it is printed in Japanese but it has a nice scale comparison with a human being. He does need assembly, the body comes in two halves and his head and tail are separate, so you’ve got to be careful with this guy because the plastic is thin and requires care. Overall, this small Apatosaurus figure is very interesting and ultimately gives you a perfect idea of how this great animal looked during the wonderful Jurassic times!

Apatosaurus Furuta

The Apatosaurus, and the entire set of the Furuta Dinosaurs, is very difficult to obtain. I got Mine on eBay so from time to time you may be able to find one on eBay here!

Apatosaurus Furuta

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  1. YUG LANA (read it backwards)

    Isn’t it a little bit arcaic to be made on the… Hey wait, how old is this figure? I assume late 90s, early 2000s?

    Too late for those elephan feet, man… Those elephant feet…

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