Allosaurus (Schleich)

Review & photos by forumite FOOMAN666 (EDITED by Horridus – take note Dan!)

Released in 2006, Schleich’s small scale Allosaurus is, to me, a breath of fresh air. It proves that the company who is well known among the dinosaur toy collecting circle for butchering many famous dinosaurs each year has finally started to pay attention and at least try to improve their products.

It is pretty clear who influenced this guy, for those who don’t know it has been based on ‘Big Al’ from the BBC documentary. This is mainly noticable from the head which, as you can see, just screams WWD.

Unfortunately it’s all downhill from here as the rest of the body is a very standard Schleich theropod sculpt. This results in the forearms being pronated,with no enlarged claw on the first finger and the feet seeming much too small to support this creature’s body weight.

Despite these few downsides, the detail is nice and even though the paint job is a standard Schleich brown they have managed to make it look decent on this figure. All in all, Schleich have produced a fairly decent looking allosaur,and one that I believe is well worth owning.

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  2. I just bought this figure on ebay because my favorite dinosaur so allosaurus and I thought I should have one. This one is my favorite.

  3. Can you please do a review on the green Schleich Allosaurus and new Carnoturus please? Thank you. And please reply to the comment Thank you

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  5. This Allosaurus version is (in my opinion) the best model already made. Another version from Schleich for this dinosaur, looks like Carcharodontosaurus (at least, the head contour). Comparing the size, I think it can be 1:40 scale (Allosaurus wasn’t a big dinosaur).

  6. I think this replica is mroe like Sinraptor!!

  7. Es una copia de la reconstrucción sobre este animal en vida de Raúl Martin, dibujante y pintor español, especialista en reconstrucciones paleontólogicas y paleobiologícas de dinosaurios. Lo que está mejor hecho es su cabeza y no es de los monótonos dinosaurios de Schleich en cuanto a la pintura. Inconvenientes su modelado de cuerpo que por cierto no es muy afortunada como todos los dinosaurios de esta casa sobre todo en las patas. El Giganotosaurus de este año tiene unas plantas de las patas desproporcionadas y el grosor es comparable a columnas. Tampoco me convence.

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