Herrerasaurus (Procon CollectA)

Review by forumite Fooman666 (edited by Horridus)

In my last review, I spoke about how many of CollectA’s dinosaurs were misses rather then hits, however I also mentioned that there are a handful of dinosaurs that are hits. This Herrerasaurus is one of them.

Herrerasaurus is a dinosaur very rarely represented in toy form, so I applaud CollectA’s choice to make one. They have presented a figure that is surprisingly accurate, especially when looking at the hands and feet.

As you can see, someone at CollectA has been doing their research. The hands have the correct number of digits (as far as I’m aware) and the hallux that would become more reduced in other theropods is still touching the ground (almost). This figure does have downsides though, but it’s really a matter of personal opinion. I guess the head could be considered ugly by some people, but I find it quite charming really – his eyes are a light green with the standard CollectA slit pupils, the rest of his body is a dirty green with darker green stripes.

One thing that I wish to mention is how small this guy is, here is a photo with the Papo raptor just to give an idea of his size. This puts him in relative scale to the rest of the CollectA small scale line.

All in all this is definitely one of CollectA’s better figures. I highly recommend him as he is the only Herrerasaurus figure available and looks good to boot. He should be available wherever CollectA figures are sold, but if all else fails, he can be found online.

7 Responses to Herrerasaurus (Procon CollectA)

  1. Bad thing about this ones size, is that he is very easy to lose when re-organizing your home.
    i got this back in June, and i have no clue on where he went when i cleand my house that month.

  2. i also have this one!
    he is very cute…

  3. Hands are well done on the Japanese Dawn of the Dinosaurs figure. Head is long but too wide. Give the nod to Collecta on the head.

  4. Additionally, herrerasaurids have a unique finger configuration among theropods in that Digit III is the longest finger. This led to a somewhat funny interpretation by Czerkas following the discovery of Scansoriopteryx that the two are more closely related than either is to the rest of the Theropoda.

  5. Sin embargo es de tamaño muy reducido. ¿No se podría haber hecho a una escala más grande? Por ejemplo los dinosaurios avianos de Safari como el Dilong. Y además es demasiado estático.

  6. I feel I should also mention though that this is still one my favorites by CollectA and I agree that it can be considered one of their better models. 😉

  7. The hands are still wrong on this model. Aside from the fact that they are angled wrong, the fingers themselves are way too short. Indeed it has the right number of fingers but the first three are the only ones that would really be visible in the living animal. Maybe the fourth but its highly reduced.

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