Plateosaurus (Bullyland mini)


A short review of a small dinosaur toy figure (this one is only 9 cm long and 3,5 cm tall): I really love dinosaur toys when they are of monochrome plainness.
I also love small and detailed dinosaur toys. So of course I love this little yellow fellow.
German prosauropod Plateosaurus does not have to be introduced, does it? It lived in the upper Triassic and is supposed to have lived in vast herds.
The dynamic pose of this little figure with its rolling tail and the alert head seems to support that suggestion. Bird´s eye view of these herds must have been fantastic.
As I mentioned before, the figure is very detailed. Skin pattern reveals little folds, the number of digits (five), is correct, and there´s a fleshy fold dividing the belly from the back.


Even ears and nostrils can be seen. There is one downer, however: the mouth and the eyes. I would have left these unpainted. The mouth band and the little eye point make the figure look ridiculously unnecessarily. One can see behind the little black eye points that there were some seriously sculpted eye sockets.
Yet, as I wrote at the beginning, I love that little figure. Hm, maybe I should use some thinner for removing that black lipstick…

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  1. AwesomeWarEagleValicraptor

    Just ordered this toy, looking forward to add to my collection.

  2. I also got a coloured version.

  3. I like the black eyes and mouth. It gives it a bit of character.

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