Guidraco (Supreme Version by CollectA)

Review and photos by stargatedalek

This is my third review for the Dinosaur Toy Blog and I feel honored to be reviewing this absolute gem from CollectA for 2015! I would like to apologize beforehand about the state of the room, my regular office was in use today. I didn’t have a ruler on hand for scale in the photos but at approximately 10.5 inches tall the scale of the the Guidraco is about 1:4th, as advertised.


This really has been a golden year for CollectA, as was last, and the Guidraco is a beautiful example of the best CollectA has to offer. The head (including the jaw) are made of a hard yet flexible plastic, the same most CollectA figures are made from. Whereas the main body is made from a slightly softer material. Accuracy wise I can’t spot any faults, I’ve had people ask me about the crest and while its definitely a speculative choice I don’t see anything objectively wrong with it. Stripes are used in display by animals that want to appear bright up close for display but also need to break up their outline from a distance (IE: many tropical coral reef fish), so perhaps Guidraco had something to hide from. Whatever that might have been it sure wasn’t me because its a clear stand out amongst my collection, even alongside 1:1 modern animals this is one majestic towering figure.


The sculpting and paint app on the entire body is amazing, from the gloss on its eyes to the scales on its toes, everything is superb. The details on the face are especially well pronounced, my camera really does not do justice to the wonderful flow the pycnofibres have to them. The wings are a lot less detailed and have a feeling to them almost like chalk, but I think that’s really in line with what we know about pterosaur wings (at least, those who’s wings are not covered in pycnofibres). I give the CollectA Guidraco an easy 10/10! The piece is accurate, beautiful, and its size demands a certain majesty you don’t normally find in pterosaurs! I’m gonna need a bigger bird cage.


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  2. Another must have from CollectA. Thanks for the review!

  3. amargasaurus [email protected] dinosaurtoyforum

    would you care to ballpark the cost of this piece perhaps….or give some idea in US dollars what the figure might retail for?

  4. It looks alive!

  5. Can’t wait to get this sucker. Sure hope they make a Yi qi at this scale for 2016!

    • I suggested doing a Yi qi to CollectA;they said it was one of the most exciting discoveries.I’m hoping for a Yi too.

      • So it is true that they will conduct a Yi Qi? And next year? And on the same scale?

        Collecta amazes me more every year.

        • It isn’t confirmed, but given how many people have apparently requested it, I wouldn’t be at all shocked if CollectA gave us a Yi qi in the near future.

  6. Do you mean the stripes are speculative? Because the fossils do show the crest itself.

  7. By the way I have to point out that apart from being an exceptional and excellent figure called me especially the attention to detail what are the teeth and pearly thereof.

    It is a beautiful figure.

  8. What a gorgeous model! The first introduction in the Supreme range had to be my favorite pterosaur! Easily 5/5 .This IS the best pterosaur model ever done.Is there even any doubt?Please CollectA keep making intros for this amazing range!Please!

  9. Good Review! love the model.

  10. For me it is a gem in its colors reminds me of the current Puffin.
    It’s all said in the review, it is perhaps for me one of the best if not the best sculpture of pterosaurs made so far in the toy market.

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