Plesiosuchus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

Metriorhynchids were fully aquatic crocodyliforms with reduced forelimbs, no osteoderms, and shark-like tail flukes for propelling themselves through the depths. Plesiosuchus, at an estimated 6.8 m long, is the largest known member of the family. Like its very distant relative the modern saltwater crocodile, this Jurassic predator probably fed on whatever it could catch, from various fish to other marine reptiles.


Wild Safari’s 2016 Plesiosuchus is a fairly small figure measuring slightly over 17 cm long. It is sculpted in a very fluid pose with its head turning to the right, its deadly jaws wide open, its limbs tucked back, and its strong tail undulating to the left. Some prehistoric sea monster toys have a tendency to look like they’re beached, but this one is clearly swimming through the ocean blue in pursuit of prey.


The Plesiosuchus‘ main colours vary from pale yellow on the underside to mustard yellow along the sides and finally to dusty brown on top. The tiny ear holes are black, the eyes are black and yellow, the mouth is pink, and the teeth are white. There are also pencil-thin grey stripes running down the length of the body and the flippers, which frankly I think the toy would have looked better without. Oh well.


The skin is smooth for the most part, but it does feature thick wrinkles at the limb joints, along the flanks, and at the neck. The large rear flippers have grooves to indicate the digits beneath the skin and the outline of the tail is visible below the fleshy triangular fluke. The front flippers are puny and stumpy and the top of the skull accurately reflects the animal’s unique profile. The teeth are not super sharp (which is to be expected on a figure intended for children as well as adults), but they still look threatening enough.


Compared to mosasaurs, pliosaurs, plesiosaurs, and ichthyosaurs, metriorhynchids are not well-represented in the plastic world of prehistoric toys. Between that rarity and its superb sculpting, the Wild Safari Plesiosuchus is a wonderful and welcome addition to your collection. Strongly recommended.


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3 Responses to Plesiosuchus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

  1. Nice review.

    The coloring seems to imply a creature that lurked camouflaged on the sandy depths, no?

    Another beautiful Metriorhynchid figure is the Kaiyodo Dinotales Metriorhynchus, albeit is barely 2″ long.


  2. This makes me want to see Doug Watson create a contemporary mosasaur reconstruction with tail fluke and killer whale-like coloration for Safari. I’m sure it would be knocked out of the park.

  3. Suspsy great product, Safari this year has made two very shadowy figures in the market and toy dinosaur in this case as avant-garde as the plesiosuchus and Masiakasaurus.

    In what may be the plesiosuchus fortunately no longer a reasonable size figure inside the Safari brand, it is a great figure, from my point of view as you look favorably commented that these figures are intended (as regarding the teeth) to prevent accidents for children.

    And as I always say stylish colors and soft texture is unique compared to other brands. My congratulations. .

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