Mandschurosaurus (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

Beijing-based PNSO (Peking Natural Science and Art Organization) made a splash this year with the release of several large hollow vinyl figures. Besides being imposing due to their size, the new figures are notable for their high level of detail and the unconventional species choices. Today we’ll look at their Mandschurosaurus, the first plastic figure of this genus ever released.

Mandschurosaurus is not the most famous dinosaur, but rather an obscure genus known from just a few bones discovered in the Amur region of Russia’s far east. The figure is bulky, like the others in its line, about 40 cm long measured along the spine. I couldn’t find reliable length estimates for the animal, so to figure out the scale I actually found a copy of the holotype description in a Soviet paleontology journal (thanks, interlibrary loan and Stanford University!). Incidentally, the author, A.H. Рябинин, died in 1942 and under Russian copyright law his work is now in the public domain.mandschurosaurus_amurensis
The description is mostly in Russian, with parts in English and French. But all I needed was some measurements, and numbers are a global language! I got measurements from both the original specimen and the toy for three bones:

scapula: 76 cm, 4.8 cm on the toy
ulna: 62.4 cm, 3 cm on the toy
tibia: 90 cm, 5.2 cm on the toy

On the toy they’re not quite all to scale with each other, but if you average them together, this figure is about 1:18. That’s a big hadrosaur!

It’s a very nicely sculpted figure, although the preceding measurements suggest some minor proportion problems. The entire piece is painted in various shades of brown, with a glossy finish. It’s slightly paler underneath, with a finely detailed wrinkled texture with tubercles and spiky scales along the back and a nice saggy dewlap.

The head is not well known for Mandschurosaurus, so this one is sculpted to resemble a generic crestless hadrosaur. The eyes are the sole spot of color, painted a cool blue.

This hollow figure is molded in multiple pieces, and assembled with glue. Despite the reasonably nice paint job, the seams are still visible around the midsection and across the lower thigh. I don’t find the seams terribly distracting, but your mileage may vary. My copy stands well on its own, but I have heard from other buyers that it can be unstable. It comes on a clear plastic support that you can use to keep it steady, or you can prop it up against another dino on your shelf.

This might be a good figure for older kids, but probably not for the very young, since the paint chips easily and one incautious child could bonk another one pretty good. I get the impression that it is aimed more at adult collectors, and the price reflects that. It’s an attractive replica that looks very impressive on the shelf, and depicts a unique animal, so I’d recommend it for any fan of hadrosaurs, expert sculpting, or large-scale dinosaurs in general.

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  1. Superb model, effectively museum exhibit quality (albeit based on only fragmentary remains). It makes me wonder if that’s what PNSO’s initial intent was. The fact that you can get it for a reasonable price shipped from Beijing is just all the more impressive. Or from DeJankins, who is selling them for an equally reasonable price (but obviously should be faster shipping).

  2. Great review, Halichoeres. Only you need to tag it with “PNSO,” “ornithopod,” and “Mandschurosaurus” so that it’ll show up on the PNSO page and be easier to locate. 🙂

  3. Noe that’s a good-lookin’ model. Pity about the seams, as you say, but I’d be tempted to view that as a project: strip, putty over the cracks, and repaint. Not sure if I could match the existing paintwork, though.

  4. CollectA also released a Regaliceratops and a Kronosaurus.

  5. Magnificent figure and also intended for collectors I note the article in the following review:

    This could be a good figure for older children, but probably not for the younger ones, since paint particles with ease and a reckless child could Bonk another pretty good.

    Therefore destined this exceptional figure to an adult audience. I like everything the PNSO brand does. It is a promising company from my point of view. What I said, thanks for sharing.

  6. CollectA also released a gigantspinosaurus a kind of stegosaurid.

  7. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I mean hollow cast; sorry for mistake

  9. Excellent review indeed, Halichoeres. I enjoyed reading it. Although I know very few information on the Mandschurosaurus, anytime I can refer to that good review. It is a quite interesting illustration that depicted the different bone parts of the animal . This review reminds me of a series I loved to watch: Dino-Hunters [Not walking with dinosaurs or walking with beasts.]. In that episode, the only thing I recollect is a paleontologist and his wife were trying to carry a huge leg bone of a Hadrosaur; I think it was Lambeosaurus. [plastered in hollow cat]tied to a helicopter. Anyways, This figure reminds me of an Edmontosaurus/ Anatotitan because of the head shape. Nice details; especially the shrink wrapping on the body. Love PNSO’s figures.
    Hey, one more thing; when will Dinotoyblog announce the 2017 CollectA figures; They have already been revealed; A Styracosaurus, an Einiosaurus, an Uintatherium , a mini toob of prehistoric marine animals , a Basilosaurus, an Excalibosaurus an ichthyosaur , a Dimorphodon , and a Deinocheirus [same sculpt as that of the 2016 one but a little bit larger than the 2016 1:40 scale Deinocheirus] Check them out. I was watching Jurassic Collectable’s review on the Schleich Barapasaurus; check it on his youtube channel.

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