Acrocanthosaurus (FameMaster)

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Review by “DinoLord”

Acrocanthosaurus was a theropod that lived in the Early Cretaceous, in what is now Texas and Oklahoma. Its most distinctive feature is the tall neural spines that run down its back. These most likely supported large muscles, like in present day bison. Of the few Acrocanthosaurus figures out there, the FameMaster version is one of the better ones.


FameMaster dinosaurs come in pieces of a puzzle contained in a plastic egg. One must put the pieces together to form the figure. The Acrocanthosaurus has 22 pieces. Fortunately, they are very easy to assemble.

The figure itself is pretty good. The Acrocanthosaurus is in a somewhat dynamic pose, roaring while its feet are firmly planted on the ground. One of the best aspects of this figure is that it stands on two legs without the help of its tail. The skin mostly wrinkled, with some small scales in the fenestrae and osteoderms on the back ridge. The detailing is quite impressive for such a small (5 inches long) figure.


The head is very well sculpted. It is accurate in pretty much all aspects, except for the fact that the fenestrae are a bit oddly shaped and that the end of the snout is too upturned. The teeth and tongue are individually sculpted, which is a nice quality that even some larger figures lack. The eyes are a striking emerald green.


The paint on this figure is very well done. The top of the body is chocolate brown, while the bottom is a very light gray. Mottled black spots dot the figure. This is a very natural coloration. It somewhat resembles the pattern of a jaguar. As an active predator, such a natural color scheme seems fitting for Acrocanthosaurus

My only problem with this figure is the fact that the wrists are pronated. The palms should be facing each other instead of facing towards the back of the figure. Otherwise, it is a great figure, and a good representation of this unique theropod.

Acquiring this figure can be a bit tricky. Unfortunately, FameMaster, a company based in Hong Kong, no longer sells in the United States. However, this figure is easily acquirable if you do somehow travel to Asia. In addition, there are several online retailers that sell this figure in a set with three other ones, like this one. All in all, it is a pretty cool figure great for kids and collectors alike.

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