Acrocanthosaurus Skeleton (Kaiyodo Dinotales Series 3)

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While most of us prefer to collect dinosaur figures representing living animals there is something to be said about skeletal reconstructions as well. After all, we don’t really know what most dinosaurs looked like, almost everything we know about them comes from the ancient bones we’ve dug up and reassembled. Dinosaur reconstructions require a great deal of speculation and artistic license to bring the animal to life. But when you stop and look at a skeleton you’re not looking at something speculative, you’re looking at the real deal, the bare bones if you will excuse the pun. This is as close to the real animal as you’ll ever get. The bones are real, no imagination required. Obviously there are very few of us who can collect actual dinosaur bones, let alone complete skeletons. But for those who want to appreciate the internal architecture of these long dead animals there are several affordable options, including this Acrocanthosaurus by Kaiyodo.


Now obviously something like this is a far cry from the actual skeleton of this animal, just in scale alone. That said Kaiyodo has done an amazing job at faithfully reconstructing dinosaur skeletons in miniature. The majority of them are spot on matches for their larger counterparts and when the figurine measures less than 4” you can really appreciate the detail work that goes into them.


The Kaiyodo Acrocanthosaurus skeleton is a companion piece to the wonderful little Kaiyodo Acrocanthosaurus, which for a long time was the best Acrocanthosaurus produced in plastic. In pose it is identical and actually resembles the skeleton on display at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. All of the hallmark features of Acrocanthosaurus are here. The skull is long and narrow with prominent antorbital fenestra. Tall neural spines run down the length of the back with more narrowly spaced spines above the hips. Along with these hallmark characteristics of Acrocanthosaurus the rest of the skeleton looks faithfully reproduced as well with proportions correctly conveyed and even the smallest bones discernable.


The bones are all painted a nice golden color, with spaces between the ribs painted black helping to accentuate the individual bones. The model stands on a gray base and the pose can be adjusted somewhat. The legs slide into the hips on small pegs and the figure can be pivoted up and down as desired.


The Kaiyodo Acrocanthosaurus skeleton is a great piece to display with their live reconstruction and other Kaiyodo dinosaur skeletons. It’s an easy to find little figurine as well, selling on eBay for less than $10.00.

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