Afrovenator (CollectA) (New for 2010)

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Afrovenator – that’s one most people haven’t (and won’t) heard of. It almost makes me surprised that CollectA did one (but I guess if any of the mainstream dinosaur companies were to do one, it would be them).

Afrovenator itself was a megalosaur (or allosaur or spinosaur, does anybody even know?) from mid-jurassic Africa, who was about thirty feet long, and was presumably a pretty nasty fellow. This figure’s sculpt seems to be a passable restoration of him. The skull should be a little taller, and the teeth should be MUCH longer (the fangs on this guy were huge!). The nostrils should be a little higher up on the skull, and the postorbital fenestrae should be a little larger. Oh, and the way they hands are positioned is wrong (but really, you should know that). The sculpt does have some good points though; the scales are nicely sculpted and there’s nice ridges of spines on his back.

The coloration of this guy has to be my favorite part about him. It’s very subtle but very nice. Just a light tan on the belly with a darker olive green on top, with some darker blue green tiger stripes. I think this might be a male, due to the facial coloration, which is very bright orange. The eyes are a reddish brown, with slit pupils (this guy was nocturnal!). The claws are black, but the hallux toes’ claws aren’t painted at all.

Now, the pose. It looks ridiculously kinky, unless you have a puddle of water or a dinosaur carcass in front of it. If you have the rest of the CollectA 2010 set, be sure to not place your Tsintaosaurus behind him 😉

All in all, if you can get past the common CollectA shortcomings which are present here, this is one to get. It’s only about $5, and at about 6 inches long this dinosaur is not too small nor too large. Reviewer recommended! 😉

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  • Me parece en esta colección vanguardista, una excelente aportación a las figuras de dinosaurios aunque la postura está un poco forzada ha mejorado esta compañía de dinosaurios. La única opinión que quizás que aunque estos animales esta bien que se produzcan porque son poco conocidos dudo que tengan aceptación entre el público infantil y adulto, salvo que sean unos aficionados fanáticos como yo.

  • Haha funny review! This is actually a really nicely detailed figure with regards to the little dragon spikes on the back and color. Too bad the pose and accuracy is just wrong.

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