Albertosaurus (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

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Review and photos by Takama, edited by Plesiosauria.

Here’s another Geoworld figure up for review. Albertosaurus is a tyrannosaurid found in Alberta, Canada, which has been the subject of many toys over the past ten years. In 2013, Geoworld released their own version of Albertosaurus as part of the Jurassic Hunters line of collectible dinosaur figurines. While it is true that the figure is very cartoony, I tend to think that the critics are being a little harsh on this line as a whole. For me, Geoworld figures are good in their own way, even if the models are not necessarily scientifically accurate. This figure, in particular, does something that some other companies are afraid to do. Look closely and you’ll see that Geoworld put feathers on their Albertosaurus!

Albertosaurus Geoworld

For this reason I think that Geoworld are really trying to make good models by applying some research to them, and they are attempting to keep up with the changing times (the feathers on this model could be the result of the discovery of Yutyrannus the year before this figure was released). Sadly, even though this model has feathers, it is still plagued with anatomical issues, the most glaring of which is the head. The skull of the figure is too short and boxy and does not match the fossil evidence for Albertosaurus. It is a generic theropod head. The arms are also too big and ‘noodle like’ – if they were held straight out they would likely be too long and slender. The whole figure has a cartoony appearance.

Albertosaurus Geoworld

The body is also posed in a hilarious fashion and gives the impression of a ‘chicken dance’. It would be funny if the Jurassic Hunters line was some half-hearted series produced to make people laugh, but Geoworld claims that these models are authentic scientific replicas. I’m contradicting myself a bit when I state they are trying to make good models and then follow up with these anatomical issues, but I see this model as goof in their collection. That said, having owned a lot of Geoworld figures I think this is not their worst to date!

Albertosaurus Geoworld

The color scheme for this figure is not too original. The bottom half of the figure is lighter green and the top half is a darker green. The eyes are crudely painted yellow which makes them look silly, and the mouth is pink, while the teeth are white. It’s all rather intense!

Albertosaurus Geoworld

Overall, this is a generally poorly done figure, but I find it intriguing enough to like it for what it is. The feathery texture is what drew me to this figure to begin with, and the silly pose puts a smile on my face. It may not be loved by others, but to me, this is one of Geoworld’s most ambitious figures to date, simply because they put feathers on what is basically a Tyrannosaurus rex-like animal.

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  • […] on their fossils completely naked and scaly. The only exceptions to this theory would be the Albertosaurus, which I think might be a […]

  • First, great review. Second, I really do not wish to pour more hatred on Geo World figures, so I’ll be nice, but the Albertosaurus is hard for me to enjoy. The pose just looks like a dog begging at the table looking for scraps. The feathers are an interesting touch, but it is a general texture which could just be considered fur, and don’t get me started on the eyes. When trying to like this figure I think of a line from “Pulp Fiction”, a dog has a personality, and personality goes a long way. If people like the personality of this figure, thats fine, but for me, it doesn’t go far enough.

  • Good Review , there has to be a toy for everyone out there who wants to have one ! we have a pretty good range for everyone ( Museum accurate or some could be purely grotesque ) Some toys please some and some do not. I like this guy , somehow it has a good pose .. and can be used to fit into Diorama’s well. Thanks mate for the review !

  • I think many of the GeoWorld figures would look great repainted. by a skilled model painter.

  • This one is a bit comical, to be sure. Not nearly as wretched as their Styracosaurus, Ankykosaurus (resembling a horned lizard with a tail club) and their Euoplocephalus which taken together could pass for a Cretacious version of the Three Stooges.

    On the other hand, their Caudipteryx, Ouranosaurus and Ornithomimus are something to write home about.


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