Allosaurus (Protocasts)

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I guess there`s not much to say about the “Lion of the Jurassic” that hasn`t been covered in one or more of the three dozen reviews to this species before, so let´s get straight to the figure.

“Protocasts” is the brand name of our forum member Kayakasaurus, under which he releases figures since 2016. All figures are individually casted from silicone molds and the figures of the later batches come in variying colors or hues. They are made from a hard curing resin but can easily withstand some handling.

The Allosaurus comes with a small base that looks a bit like a muddy underground. One needs to glue the figure themselves to the base, but this is somewhat mandatory as the theropod cannot stand on its own. The figures measures 21 cm in direct length and stands roughly 7 cm high at the neck.

The Allosaurus is my fifth figure of the line and while there can be observed an increase in overall sculpting quality, all of them are packed with detail. Folds, wrinkles and tiny scales apply a very natural looking texture to the skin. Some larger scales are shown on the cheeks and tthe jaws. Two low ridges run from the snout to the horns above the eyes. The “Lion” is shown with the mouth shut thight, a quite uncommon but welcomed sight for a toy theropod. The overall pose suggests a strong and fast agility beneath the calm stance.

In terms of accuracy this figure may not be the strike you`ve been looking for. I feel the tail base could have well done with some more width to drive the powerful legs, aswell as some more height, as the figure appears quite front heavy. While the fingers and claws are strong, the enlarged one is missing. The proporations of the head may be within the morphological variance, but look a bit stretched to me. And finally, I have to point out the missing lips and bared teeth. Some may like this, but for me this is a downer – still, I have not deceided yet if I gonna remove them or keep it as it is.

That being said, Protocasts` Allosaurus is a beautiful figure that shows the great craftsmanship of its maker. I have this figure placed on my desk in eye height and like to dwell my eye on it. If you are interested in this or any other of Kayakasaurus` figures, check out his etsy shop frequently, as latest releases sold out fast.

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