Allosaurus (The Lost World: Jurassic Park by Kenner)

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Review and photos by Paul Carter AKA Carnosaur, edited by Suspsy

Released in 1997, alongside The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Kenner’s Dino Damage Medical Center playset featured my personal favorite dinosaur, Allosaurus. This is one of my favorite Allosaurus toys.

It was also one of the last toys attached to the LW franchise to be released, making it somewhat rare. Allosaurus as a species was never featured in any of the JP films, and its sudden arrival on Toy “R” Us shelves was a surprise, especially with the toy line winding down. The Dino Damage Medical Center playset featured a operating table mounted on a base along with various tools and equipment to treat injured dinosaurs. The table even featured a restraint to tie down the animal.


But the real star of this set is the Allosaurus itself, which is still one of the best made dinosaur figures around. Not only is it well-sculpted and detailed, but features a whopping five pieces of Dino Damage, more than any other JP toy ever! The skin on the torso, leg, and tail, as well as half of the rib cage and even the entire left leg can be removed to expose soft tissue and organs underneath. The Dino Damage parts snap on very well and will not come off unless pulled on. Like many of the Kenner JP toys, these pieces have aged well, and look as good now as they did even 17 years ago.


With five points of articulation being the standard for most dino toys, the Allosaurus features articulation at the hips, shoulders, and jaws. Even so, it can with a little effort be posed in a natural-looking stance, although it will stand as a tripod as well.

The colours on the figure are tan with a creamy white underbelly, bright green eyes, and brown stripes. This colour scheme work nicely on the figure, and as with many of the Kenner toys, looks very natural. The head is wedge-shaped, as it is based on earlier Allosaurus reconstructions, but it’s still nicely detailed with both the nasal ridges and spikey crests well-defined. Overall, the figure is fairly accurate, with pronated hands being its only real flaw.

Overall, I highly recommend this figure with or without the Medical Center. If you’re a fan of JP, Kenner, or Allosaurus in general, it’s a worthy addition to your collector’s shelf.

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