Ankylosaurus (AAA)

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Every dinosaur obsessed child of the 80’s and 90’s no doubt had a few AAA toy dinosaurs in their collection. Although poorly represented on the DTB the toy company AAA produced a large assortment of dinosaur and other animal toys but the quality on them was always a little hit or miss. Although not as high quality as the Carnegie Collection, Battat, or Invicta at the time they were generally (but not always) better than the cheaper dinosaurs you find in Dollar Stores today.

aaa ankylosaurus

Among some of the cruder toys produced by AAA are the three dinosaurs I’ll be reviewing next, starting off with this Ankylosaurus. Well, I think it’s an Ankylosaurus. There is no way to really know. It’s certainly an ankylosaur and given the popularity of the genus it’s probably meant to represent Ankylosaurus.

aaa ankylosaurus

What we have here is a very basic and generic ankylosaur toy. No part of its anatomy suggests it’s anything specific. It has a superficial ankylosaur appearance of course but with its squat legs and strange head it almost looks like a turtle/mammal hybrid.

aaa ankylosaurus

Indeed, the head is quite peculiar. The eyes are forward facing, and although they’re probably supposed to be bits of armor on the head it looks very much like this toy has a set of pointy ears. Overall the head is very dog-like. The toy measures about 4” in length and is painted entirely brown. The underside is lighter than the top of the toy and the eyes are brown with black pupils.

aaa ankylosaurus

This is one of those toys that will be of little interest to most collectors outside of vintage toy and oddball circles. I suppose there are also those that might see nostalgic value in it. It’s certainly good enough for its original intended purpose, as a child’s toy. This little AAA model is an older toy and no longer in production but probably easy to find on eBay, particularly in lots.

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