Apatosaurus (World of History by Schleich)

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Review and photos by Nathan ‘Takama’ Morris, edited by amargasaurus cazaui and Suspsy.

Brontosaurus is back, and as far as anyone can tell it’s here to stay. What does this mean for all of the Apatosaurus toys that have been released over the years? Like Brachiosaurus and Giraffatitan, many of them will end up being models that are called Apatosaurus while actually based on Brontosaurus.


Let’s assume that  the model made for the Schleich World of History line is in fact based on Apatosaurus excelsus, AKA Brontosaurus. This is basically a shrunken version of Schleich’s previous Apatosaurus in their Replicasaurus line. Just how much it shrank is a question I can’t answer, but I propose that the amount is significant, and the sculpt is no longer hollow. It also retains all of the same inaccuracies as its predecessor. The most obvious is the elephantine-feet, which seem to be a dying issue for modern sauropod toys (unless you count the Chinasaurs).


The nostrils are also in an outdated position, by the eyes,  they should be closer to the edge of the head. The Tail Is in a curve, but it’s not whip-like enough to be accurate.


The colors on this figure are a lot different from Schleich’s older Apatosaurus models. Instead of blue, this model is primarily orange, with a red pattern hugging the back. There are some black lines that show where the painters had to add the red, but for the most part, it’s not distracting.


The figure is nice and robust, with a nicely proportioned neck and a spine that’s clearly visible from the back of the model. Numerous wrinkles adorn the figure and the detailing is almost on par with Papo. Overall, it’s a decent figure. It may not have the magnificent size advantage of its predecessors in the Replicasaurus series, but it still gives the feel of a massive creature even at this scale. If you want one, you can find it at most Wal-Mart stores, and anywhere that sells Schleich dinosaur toys.

Available from Amazon.com here and Amazon.co.uk here.

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Comments 4

  • Forgive rectify was a slip of the Humboldt Museum of Berlin.

  • It is more than just a new edition of the huge gray apatosaurus the Museum of Munich. For discerning collectors who have little storage space dinosaurs did not recommend my humble view buy such a figure.

  • With figures out like the 2010 Safari ltd. Apatosaurus, and the new Papo one, there is just no reason to get this figure anymore. It truly has nothing to offer that’s better than the other figures I listed.

    • Well, it works as a Retro-Dinosaur, but otherwise I agree. The Safari Apato is also cheaper to aquire in comparism.

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