Carnotaurus “Bonebreaker” (The Lost World: Jurassic Park by Kenner)

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Review and photos by Emperor Dinobot, edited by Suspsy

Once again, it is I, Emperor Dinobot, owner of Mesozoic Emporium and collector extraordinaire. Today, I am going to open up a $300 The Lost World: Jurassic Park toy for your pleasure! Let us discover the magnificence that is the Carnotaurus, code name Bonebreaker!

Naturally, I had to showcase the box, the top and bottom of which feature the instructions. The back features a lovely wooded background with some action figures interacting with the dinosaur. This was a trademark with most JP and LW dinosaur boxes. I always appreciated their lovely dioramas. Below the dioramas was a listing of all the different JP or LW items available. Kenner really was the best. Anyways, on to the beast!

Kenner’s JP line usually made accurate dinosaurs according to Universal’s designs, but Carnotaurus was not in the first two movies. This is a very weird dinosaur toy. For some of us who collected the line through and through, a final wave dinosaur was definitely a welcome addition, but Bonebreaker here is . . . I don’t know. Is it the arms? It’s got to be the arms, because other than that, it’s a very fine sculpt.

This toy has the distinction of having the widest chomp of all JP dinosaurs, to the point where it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s triggered by pulling the right leg all the way back. The tongue kind of flips around, but mostly stays grounded, unlike the action mechanism featured with the Lycaenops. It comes with seven pieces of capture gear and the usual “Dino Damage” wound, which is on its stomach this time around.

The Dino Damage skin piece is kind of hard to put in, but it has a notch so it can be easily pulled out. I have a second Carnotaurus, and it’s somewhat easier to plug it in on that one. I am not sure why. I absolutely love the color palette on this creature. Terracotta red with some dark warm gray stripes, and an olive stomach. It is simply delightful. I think you would have to own it in order to appreciate it fully. It stands about 7 inches tall and measures 12 inches long.

The capture gear breakout mechanism is as follows. The headpiece is attached to two pieces which are meant to hold the creature down. Pulling the Carnotaurus back breaks the restraints and unleashes a very angry and uncomfortable dinosaur. Evil hunters beware!

Despite its inaccuracies, this might be my favorite LW dinosaur, not just due to its rarity, but due to its goofy, angry, and yet amicable nature. It is a must have for JP collectors.

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