Dimetrodon (Airfix)

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And now, I complete the great Dimetrodon model kit trilogy with the final set by Airfix. Airfix is a very famous name in the model kit world, and is one I remember from making Spitfires and Hurricanes when I was younger. They often feature dramatic artwork on their boxes, and here we see that the prehistoric creatures they made were no exception. But let’s see what is inside this box, shall we?

For this set, you will need paints, paintbrushes and plastic glue. I highly recommend poly filler and a nail file as well, as this will help to fill gaps and get rid of loose plastic.

And here is the completed and painted model (would be showing you the unpainted version, but I’m a fool and forgot to take pictures before painting!). The paint scheme here is based on Walking with Monsters again, this time the colour patterns when Dimetrodon is evolving into Gorgonops. Of the three models, this is the shortest, measuring 9.9″ long and 4.3″ high, meaning that it would fit better with other mass produced lines. the pose, once fully assembled, is fairly neutral, maybe basking in the sun, warming for the day.

Of the three, this actually comes out the most accurate, with the closest to accurate head sculpt of the lot. The tongue is a proper mammalian based tongue as opposed to the lizard like one of the Aurora model. The spines are more exposed than the others, not as much as should be, but it’s a better look. It has a correctly slight build, not the bulkier builds of the Lindberg model. It is pretty spot on to the fossils, which isn’t bad considering this was made in 1989.

Of the sets, this one is still my favourite, in spite of it lacking the extra figures and environments of the other two. The accuracy and simple design works well, and helps it stand out as an accurate model, not some movie monster. The trick is finding it. This is an older set that has not been reissued, thus it can be hard to find and expensive when you do. I highly recommend it if you can find it. It can make for a great display piece.

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