Falkland Islands Dog (Forgotten Friends Series A by Yowie)

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The canid family has produced some incredible species, though many are no longer around. Here we have one such, the Falkland Islands Dog. Related to Maned Wolf, this canid was isolated to the Falkland islands (perhaps unsurprisingly) and was likely the apex predator, as it lacked fear. This could be seen when sailors could get them to eat out their hands… usually before hitting the animal and killing it. This, along with sheep farmers fearing they were a threat to their flocks, led to the animal becoming extinct in 1876. There is only one model of it, made for the Forgotten Friends line by Yowie. Let’s take a look!!

This figure features a very basic pose, but it is reasonably poseability, as the legs can move, the tail can wag and the head can swivel. The colouration is a simplified version of the real thing, working quite well. As a Yowie model, it is quite small, measuring 2.8″ long and 1.3″ high, quite appropriate for the animal really.

To accuracy! It isn’t too bad, though simplified and a little cartoonish, the head being a tad long and square and the fur could be fluffier, but otherwise good, really capturing the posture of the animal well. Pretty good all round.

Maybe not the best figure ever made, but not bad as a representation of the animal. It is the only example of the species, so not much choice, but I do think it’s worth a consideration. EBay is your best bet for it, a great representation of a very sad tale.

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