Gallimimus (Jurassic Park by Dakin)

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We’re finally past the halfway point in our effort to review all the little “Jurassic Park” dinosaurs put out by Dakin back in 1992, with today’s review concerning one of their better efforts; the Gallimimus. The Dakin line of “Jurassic Park” dinosaurs consist of 6 dinosaurs in total, representing the dinosaurs of the original film. Although crudely made they have a lot of charm and for me, nostalgic value. It was actually my attempt to find their Dilophosaurus that made me finally crack down and join the toy forum.


The Gallimimus might be the Dakin toy most faithful to the creature in the film. That’s not saying much for this line of toys of course, and it’s certainly a far cry from the depictions we’re now used to. Although the Dakin Triceratops follows the concept art nicely it represents the baby Trike, who never appeared in the movie. The color scheme and paint job on this one are what really seal the deal; it’s very similar to the concept art by Mark “Crash” McCreery. Overall it’s a reddish brown along the flanks, giving way to a lighter tone on the underside and limbs. Black stripes run down the length of the back and a white band runs directly over the hips.


Although gangly and awkward looking the model has that same wild-eyed, birdy look about it that the movie creatures have. Of course being a poorly made toy it lacks the finesse of the beautiful concept art or CGI creature from the movie. Like the other Dakin toys this one suffers from extreme shrink wrapping, so much so that you can even see the ribs. The hands are pronated and stick out in front of the toy and along with the emaciated appearance make this dinosaur better suited for a George Romero film than one by Steven Spielberg.


Like the rest of the Dakin line this is a toy only worth seeking out for die-hard JP fans and those with a penchant for odd and offbeat models. Given the rarity of toy ornithomimosaurs it might also appeal to those with an interest in this particular dinosaur group.

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