Hawaiian ‘O’ o (Forgotten Friends Series A by Yowie)

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As a volcanic island chain, Hawaii is not known for it’s ancient fossil fauna, but it has a selection of modern extinct species. The ‘O’ o (or Moho, based on the scientific name) were a group of birds that were native to Hawaii, now all extinct, the last being recent enough to have recordings of it’s mating call (worth hearing, though prepare to be moved to tears). This review will look at the second to last to go extinct, the Hawaiian ‘O’ o, which went extinct in 1934. Formerly common on Big Island, it’s beautiful feathers were prized by Europeans, who brought about it’s destruction by the introduction of guns.

This is, as with most Yowie models, a small figure, measuring 3.4 from beak to tail and 1.4″ tall. The pose is a simple perch, but has a little movement in the head and legs, back and forth, with the tail feathers able to be twisted 360°. The colours may look a tad gaudy, but they are spot on to depictions in photos and stuffed specimens.

Accuracy wise, this is spot on, from it’s slightly curved beak to it’s fantastic tail feathers. Not much to say on that, is all good.

This is a lovely model of a beautiful bird, from a group not talked of or reproduced in toy for. This is long since discontinued, so eBay is your best bet go grab this gorgeous bird, and I highly recommend you do!

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