Huanghetitan (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

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In 2016 the PNSO (Peking Natural Science-Art Organization) line introduced large figures of often under-represented Chinese dinosaurs. The largest of the line is the obscure macronarian sauropod Huanghetitan, which lived in the Aptian age of the early Cretaceous (some time between 125 to 113 million years ago) of what is now China.

Huanghetitan being known only from fragmentary remains, it is hard to judge the accuracy of this figure. However the portrayal is is consistent with known sauropod biology. The hands correctly have only one claw and a slight crescent-moon shape. The nostrils are positioned towards the front of the skull (albeit a bit asymmetrically). Small scales and larger osteoderms, known from other sauropods, cover the skin. Most importantly, there is an appropriate amount of soft tissue – this is one bulky sauropod! No shrinkwrapped fenestrae or neck vertebrae to be seen here, which unfortunately cannot be said for the line’s other sauropods. The only fault  is an errant fourth toe claw on the right hind foot. Sauropods only had three claws on the hind feet, with the fourth and fifth digits being more stub-like. The left foot is correct, but the right foot even has the extra claw sculpted on (not just painted). Perhaps the figure represents an individual with a congenital defect? More likely this was an oversight in the sculpting process or a mistake gone uncorrected.

The combination of bulkiness and sheer size lend this figure a grand presence. Proudly striding along with head held high, this Huanghetitan is large and in charge, a giant in its prime. Depending on the length estimates used, this figure is anywhere from 1:30 to 1:40 scale.

The color scheme is subdued, consisting of varied grays and browns reminiscent of large extant mammals. The upper body’s scales have a white wash between them suggestive of dust caked into the skin (as with a modern elephant), similar to PNSO’s Triceratops. If being picky one could say the wash cuts off rather abruptly along the bottom, but this is only noticeable upon close inspection. The eyes are neatly painted gold with black pupils.

Astute collectors may notice that this figure bears a resemblance to the much more expensive Sideshow Apatosaurus statue, with both being bulky gray sauropods. Given that the Huanghetitan retails for the equivalent of just under $60 USD (discounted at the time of writing to ~$30 USD), how do these two stack up? It’s a fraction of the Sideshow statue’s price, but is it only a fraction of the quality?

Both are sizeable, with the Huanghetitan measuring about 27″ long compared to the Apatosaurus‘ 43″. But the Huanghetitan, being hollow vinyl, is a much lighter 2 lb compared to the Apatosaurus’ 10 lb. Despite being hollow the Huanghetitan is quite sturdy, and its vinyl construction makes it much less fragile than the Sideshow piece. Not having a base, it is much more easily transported than the Apatosaurus.

In terms of quality the Huanghetitan falls short upon close observation. The paint is prone to wear, even in the original packaging, and there are visible seams across the limbs and attaching the tail to the torso. Thankfully the paint application and detailing make these a bit less obvious. Furthermore, the details, while fine and intricate, are not as crisp as those on the resin Sideshow piece. While (naturally) not as high-end as the much pricier Sideshow statue, this is still a fine piece, making a worthy centerpiece (or companion to those fortunate Sideshow owners). At its retail price the detail and size make this figure a great bargain.

This big beauty makes a great addition to the collection of any fan of sauropods or Chinese dinosaurs. The Huanghetitan and other PNSO figurs are available outside of China from various resellers, though usually with some markup. If you are fortunate to have family or friends in China who can order one from PNSO’s Chinese store for you, the price is much more affordable.

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  • Alas, long gone are the days of $30 and even $60. Now $100 plus on eBay and seldom seen for less on Aliexpress. I should have grabbed one while I could.

    • I’ve ordered this model 4 times now from Chinese sellers on ebay and 4 times they clearly don’t have it. After 3 months they make excuses about customs returned it because it’s too large to be shipped, It had Covid and was returned or it expired in transit, etc. I think they are probably selling my data. I have tried to obtain an address for pickup in China with my own courier but they always refuse to supply hence I know they don’t have it. Does anyone know a legitimate seller I can buy it from ? I’m in the UK but happy to purchase from the US and get it shipped. Thanks – Nick

      • I’m not sure this is the most opportune moment to order packages from China. But I know many people have gotten PNSO figures via AliExpress. It’s similar to eBay in that you’re dealing with many individual sellers, but if you poke around on the forum you’ll find people’s recommendations for sellers that they trust.

        • Thanks for that. I did look at the website – lots of PNSO figures but no Huanghetitans ! I’m still looking if anyone knows the hiding place of one. My latest trick is i’m going to try and get a Chinese seller to send to a Chinese address but I’m expecting the same problem as before…..

  • I just received this beauty yesterday, together with its smaller cousin Euhelopus.

    What can I say. Wow! This is magnificent. Big and bulky, but yet just as gracile as an elephant. Not a heavy set lumbering beast. A fantastic interpretation of a fully dynamic animal.

    And mine also has the fourth claw on the right rear foot. Looks like a production error.

  • Easily the most epic sauropod piece I own, and one of the only titanosaurs (and of a rather obscure species). For the price point, it’s truly a bargain…

  • The little plates,scales and detail on the body reminds of the Argentinian Titanosaur,
    Saltasaurus. Nice sculpting and pose, one of the few Titanosaur models.

  • Excellent piece of a quite unknown or obscure Chinese dinosaur species. Enjoyed reading your review.
    Indominus Rex 😀

  • The colors are very conservative is what I most appreciate the figure. On the other hand, although it is a hollow figure and very prone to abrasion, it is a great figure from my point of view.

    And what if you can not buy dinosaurs from the Sideshow brand for economic reasons, you will always have the PNSO figures.

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